So What's the Deal with this MDE Online Check-In?

OK I get the advantage to checking in thru my phone to skip the in-person lines.

But from MDE it looks like you should be checking in days if not weeks in advance.
Heck, I think it displayed the option as soon as I booked the room(s).

Is there any point to doing it any earlier than when you physically arrive at the resort?

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I do not know of any advantage to checking in well in advance of your arrival. You won’t get your room assigned to you until day of arrival anyway.
I waited until a day or two before my arrival to check in. I wanted to make sure I was still going before bothering.


On arrival day you will begin to get messages from Disney about your room, if you checked in already. I always say that I’m going to be there earlier than I am so that I might get my room sooner than later. I usually check in as soon as I’ve made a reservation b/c then it’s out of the way.


I do this too! (at both Disney and Universal)


Eh, not quite right.

Room assignments are mapped out well ahead of time. Sure they can be changed up, but the day of your room was assigned long ago, you’re just waiting for it to be ready status.


I didn’t see my room number until after I was on property and I had checked in a few days before. So, was that just a fluke?

No YOU don’t get your room ahead.
But it is assigned long before that.

This is why TP now faxes a request 30 days out. They used to do it something like 5 days ahead. But it’s a huge puzzle that they piece together based on check-ins and check-outs. When you check in on the app has zero bearing on what room you get.


Ok, so it’s a wording difference. “Assigned” vs “see”.

I guess?

The guest is assigned a room well in advance - up to 30 days - of arrival.
The guest does not see the assigned room until near or on property (which would allow for any changes that might need to be made to guests who arrive before said guest).

In terms of advantage, I don’t suppose there is one in any case, outside of not needing to stop at the desk if you don’t want to and don’t need any changes to the room you are given.