So what's the correct answer for Genie +?

All the podcasts and blogs are saying you must purchase your Genie + on the day of your visit at 12:01 am or you might be out of luck. But, I was just on the line with a Disney person from the My Disney Experience number provided by Touring Plans, and she said that they are NOT limiting the number of Genie + purchases. She tells me you can order your Genie + at 6:45 am and then reserve your attractions at 7:00.

So, who’s right?


Welcome to the forum. I do not know if they will be limiting G+ purchases but you can either stay up late or get up early, on day of use, to purchase it, your choice.

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Well, that’s a no-brainer then. Since you have to get up early to make your first reservation at 7:00, then it makes sense to purchase your Genie + a few minutes before that, rather than staying up til midnight!


Just make sure to wait a few minutes after 12 if you stay up late. I bought it at 12:01 and the confirmation screen in the app said it was for the next day, but my email said it was for the previous day. Sure enough I had to buy it again at 7am and then waste time at GS getting it credited the next day. Then they scolded me to wait and do it in the morning and there was no need to do it at midnight.


:roll_eyes: if you’re going to buy something at a minute after midnight, of course you aren’t buying for the previous day. If you shouldn’t be buying at that time, it shouldn’t let you buy at all. Disney IT sucks.


Well what I find seriously the most concerning is scolding the guest. Even if your clock on your phone was wrong or something, you shouldn’t be scolded ever! Even if you are scolding them, you shouldn’t get scolded.


What?!? nah… :rofl:

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The reality is they are trying to improve the experience for guests who purchase Genie+ The only way to do that is to limit the number of guests who have it.

The CM you spoke to will have no information as to what they intend to do, even if & when they start limiting it. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months.


Nobody knows for sure.

Until June 8 nothing changes.

After that, Disney’s left it open as to whether G+ can sell out.

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Yeah… you shouldn’t buy it at night while you are still awake, you should get up even extra early on vacation to buy it. Considering I had spent almost an hour trying to buy it after midnight a few nights before I wasn’t taking any chances.

I know it’s not their fault the product is crap, but with her attitude I really had to hold my breath to not unleash on her.


Yeah, I would do it at midnight too. But again, the issue here is the scolding you. That’s NOT Disney. Disney is like when the Disney Florist forgot to bring some of the stuff I ordered, I got a credit for those things AND they delivered them plus some extra snacks treats.


True. I agree. It’s bad customer service. I know that they are probably more sick of Disney IT than we are, but they should never take it out on guests.

But as an HCI person, and database developer, the purchasing of something in the past should be a huge no-no. Constraints are the cornerstone of DBs. That’s one that should’ve been in place before it left design stage. There is no excuse for it.


It’s probably not the IT folks’ fault. The suits probably tell them we need these changes yesterday, after they just changed it last week, and will change again next week! They’re probably doing the best they can.

I respectfully disagree. It may not be the fault of the techs who are fixing issues for guests, but it is definitely the fault of the designers who are IT as well. There is no call at all for being able to purchase something at midnight for the previous day. Yes, the blame is totally on the upper management for asking/allowing them to throw stuff together to resemble a working product. However, IT should have had some modicum of brains to implement this correctly.


The most recent announcement of changes included, for the first time since G+ debuted, the language "subject to availability " which sure sounds like limited sales to me. If I opt to use it going forward I won’t be taking any chances and will buy it under cover of night.


I bought it at night to avoid stress in the morning - early days some people had issues making the purchase smoothly. So I didn’t want to chance it in the morning.


I think they are hoping that enough people will chose to not stay up late or get up early to add it to their ticket and this will limit sales.

But if that doesn’t work, then this:

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I haven’t read through all the threads discussing this, so I apologize if its already addressed, but outside of the “subject to availability” language, is it confirmed (expressly or in the rumor mill) that they will officially limit sales?

I figured they are disallowing purchase of G+ in advance, so that they could have the ability to increase pricing on it or maybe change pricing daily based on crowds similar to ILL. This would have the effect of limiting sales without actually putting a limit on it.

Wow. Terrible

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I don’t know who is right, but I wouldn’t wait until the morning if having G+ were important to me (just to be on the safe side).

I think this is a way to limit G+ guests and avoid complaints.
They even say somewhere “due to the overwhelming demand” or something along those lines.