So what do you do with the FPPs that don't help your TP?

I got FPPs for AK and DHS at the 60 day mark, but before I ran any TPs. The TPs I ran suggest not using the FPPs in a few instances because it would actually lengthen the waits. I believe TPs and we’ll stick to the TP. I’m wondering, however, what people do with the FPPs already reserved. Do you reschedule them now for maybe a later attraction or do you hold onto them in case an optimization the “day of” would show that the FPPs could help in the TP model? Something else? Thanks!

I would take out the FPs from the TP and see when it suggests them for. Or where it puts those rides. Then try modifying the FPs to get better times.

Another suggestion: Have you allowed time to “take it all in”? if not, add a break or two and see if that changes the plans to use the FPs.

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I think it depends on the FPs. For headliners, I tend to stick with the fastpasses. For others, you could modify it and change it to another time or attraction, but I think I would wait until the day of. For Epcot, I tend to use them, as I try for additional FPs on tier one.


Thanks. I tried moving the FPP times to match, but I can’t get better times. Maybe once we are closer to our trip. We do our “take it all in” stuff in the evenings with dinner, drinks, etc. During the day, we “move, move, move.” I appreciate your suggestions!

I don’t make “serious” TPs until after I have my FPPs pretty much set, and then I build a plan around them. I find TPs to be a useful tool, but I rarely let then dictate my entire day. I use the generator to give me a “first draft”, but I typically move a lot of things around, reevaluating after each move to make sure I didn’t do something totally crazy. And for all the work I do on them, the number of times I’ve followed one all day I can probably count on one hand…

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I set most of my touring plans to force the use of FPP. Also, TP cannot account for weather, weird days, ect, so usually I keep my FPP for the rides I really want and headliner.

Sometimes what I will do though is put the ride twice: one time at the time the TP recommends it and another time with my FPP. If it is a ride I love, great, I ride it twice. If not, if I miss it in the morning I can still ride it later. Or if TP puts it late at night (and I rode it in the PM with my FPP), I can take off and head back to my hotel.


I was going to suggest possibly riding twice!

At AK, though, I’m guessing Touring Plans isn’t suggesting ignoring a FoP FPP. If it’s the Safari and I were there all day, then riding once in daylight and another around sunset could be appealing. I can ride Everest multiple times, too. Other stuff, like the shows or Kali, I don’t think I’d want to do twice in a day, and I’m not sure about Dinosaur or Navi River Journey.