So Undecided POFQ or POR?

Someone help me please. I’m so undecided for our May trip. I want to decide as soon as possible since my pin offer expires at the end of this month. I have POR currently booked but was thinking of switching to POFQ.
In 2012 we stayed at POR and loved it because we ended up in a nice location despite booking a standard room. We ended up in a room right by a quiet pool.
My TA booked a King Room and she said there is no way to know where I’ll end up. I wanted to end up in a room with a Murphy bed for my 2 year old.

Then I started thinking, why not switch to POFQ and get 2 double beds and request bed rails? I like the size of POFQ and the transportation is not shared and just one main stop. Although in 2012 sometimes our POR bus would stop at POFQ from parks to drop off.

What would you do?

Did you see this?


I’ve stayed at both, and loved both. The small size and convenience of POFQ was great, and the larger counter-service restaurant and secluded grounds at POR were great. I don’t think you can make a bad choice.

A few things - the rooms with 2 beds at both locations have 2 queens, not 2 doubles. Also, I don’t think you can get the Murphy bed in a room with a king. I looked on the Touring Plans room finder, and they only show ONE room in all of POR with that combination. All the other Murphy beds are in rooms with 2 queens, so if you paid for the king room category it is VERY unlikely you’ll get a Murphy bed. If you switch to a reservation for a 2 queen room, then your chances of getting a Murphy are really good, but it doesn’t sound like you need 3 beds!

Here’s a link to the room finder. The combinations are interesting!

I think a 2-year-old would be more comfortable in a queen bed. The Murphy beds are VERY small, and easy to fall off of. A queen bed is large enough that you can make a wall out of all the extra pillows in the room to prevent falling. I did this when my boys were younger. They got up and down a bit in the beginning of the night because of the novelty of sleeping in a real bed, but they never fell.

I hope you have a wonderful trip! Two is such a great age.


Thank you Sally! My husband was really set on the Murphy bed because he remembers it from when we went in 2013 (not 2012) and he thinks that smaller is better for our daughter. I actually had brought up your point to him regarding falling (easier since smaller).

I’m really looking forward to our trip, she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and names all the characters thru the show. She is also into Sofia and Doc…can’t wait to see her reactions while we are there.

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It will be great! I wouldn’t worry too much about the room. I’d change to a 2 queen room if your husband wants to try to get a Murphy bed though. You’re MUCH more likely to get one if you do that.

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I haven’t stayed at either, but I’ve visited both. I would choose FQ for the size, buses, and the fact that I like the theming better.

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With a 2-year-old, the small size of FQ, the consolidated bus service, and the fun alligators around the pool may be winning factors?


Thanks everyone for your input, POFQ it is.

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