So this is the game me and my 6 year old play

This is a putting to bed game or even a calming down game, well lets just be honest here…I need to talk Disney and my 6 year old will play along lol
So I click my fingers and you are in Disney just for the day…

  1. Which park are you going to?..btw MK is shut.
  2. what 3 rides are you going to do?
    3 you have to visit a resort during you day and you can use the pool despite not paying to stay there…my rules
    4 what snack do you just have to have?
  3. Where are you eating your main meal?
  4. You have to have one character meet and greet, who are you see?
  5. What night time show are you going to see?
    And yes my son will be a Disney freak just like his Mummy :smiley:

This works well for insomnia, too!

I will go to Animal Kingdom & ride/see Expedition Everest, Festival of the Lion King, and Killamajaro Safari. I would meet up with Chip & Dale for some giggles and then go get a waffle cone full of chocolate/vanilla swirled soft serve from the Anandapur Ice Cream cart. Follow that up with a trip over to Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani for a little splashing in the pool & soaking in the hot tub. Then I would catch a bus to Magic Kingdom and grab the boat to Ft. Wilderness for dinner at Trails End and some relaxing on the porch rockers. Afterwards I’ll grab the boat back to Magic Kingdom for the Main Street Electrical Parade.

I am going to HS to RnR, ToT and SW. I will have a butterfinger cupcake for my snack. I will take the boat to BC/YC for a quick dip in storm-along bay before I head over to AKL. While there of course I will eat at Jiko. After dinner I will head to EP for illuminations.

Heehee ds4 and I talk disney before bed too… He is the only one that loves it as much as me in this house :wink: new ds is 6 months, working on him soon too! Haha!

  1. I’m going to AK
  2. EE, and then EE, and then possibly EE again (regretting only riding it once, in case you can’t tell)
  3. AKL
  4. That chocolate and nut dipped banana was pretty awesome
  5. Boma! More peanut rice!! ALL THE PEANUT RICE!!!
  6. Not really a character meet, but I missed seeing Divine on our trip, so I’d love to see her
  7. I guess my only option would be Harambe Nights! Or hop to EP and see F! would work too :slight_smile:

My fiancé and I play this same game! :slight_smile:

Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot my meet and greet ! I will meet Alice since she is usually so much fun!

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Love it you guys… Forgot to give you mine:
We r going AK
We r going on Everest, river rapids and lion king
AKL just love that place
My snack would be the elephant cupcake
I am staying in the park and eating at flame tree
I am meeting ball and king louie always have a sing and a dance with them


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