So soon can you finalize a plan?

So, once I got my fastpasses a few weeks ago, I started finalizing my TPs. Now, I’ve gone back to change something on one of them and discovered that the times for rides are different. What I thought I could cram in before lunch now looks like a tight squeeze.

I know that times change nightly, but I was hoping to have things finalized at least a few days before we go. We are dinosaurs in a modern age and (don’t laugh too hard, now) we don’t have cell phones, so there’s no optimizing on the fly.

How much do you think my plans will be out of whack if I print them out early? Also, how soon do you all think might be safe to finalize my plans and not have too many changes?


You’ll be fine - remember that the touring plans are great but just plans. No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. My opinion is that if you build in some “wiggle room” in the form of some breaks and padding your meal times, you will get through most things on your plan. Optimize and print a day or two before you go.

Also, even if a hundred things go “wrong” - unexpected closures or monorail is down or you have to go back to your room for different shoes, whatever - no matter what, the knowledge you have from building the plans will have you ahead of the game.

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Remember your tp is only a guide. I print before leaving UK so that could be up to 14"days in advance of park visit and dont use my phone in park. In my experience kids will need more bathroom /juice/look at the flowers breaks than I allow. DH will throw a I want a coffee stop when its not scheduled. There will be at least 1 ride down when I want to ride and 1of my children will throw up all over themselves during a ride. I now accept these facts. But, by having researched a tp I know rides that can be added w/o much waits ie Tiki room County bear people mover and I know which rides need done in the first/last 2 hours .
Our first day at AK dd7 wanted to re ride dino again and again instead of heading to EE. She then threw up all over herself . You can Imagine tp out the window by 10am. But because we had done our research we did EE Safari LKing Nemo and Bug with fp and no waits before Dd finally had to leave.
Easy wdw site has what he calls cheat sheets. They are park maps but colour coded. The various colours are 1do within first /last hour. 2 do within first /last 2hours then its do anytime I think I find these helpful as a guide if your tp falls apart.