So sick of Disney’s crappy IT

A fireworks party finally opened up for the day I wanted and it will not click the link. It just won’t work on my phone or iPad. I’m at work so can’t call or have access to a computer. It is SO frustrating!!! This happens all the time and I have to keep trying and trying. Sometimes I end up losing the reservation. Just annoyed!,


try tapping and dragging to the address bar at the top

I literally hid in the closet and called to make the reservation :joy:


I love the little guy, but I am so sick of seeing Stitch on my computer screen!

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I cant even get on MDE wont let me log in is anyone else having issues ?

It’s not working in my Chrome browser, but does work in Incognito. My app is working fine.

ye my app was fine took about 6 attempts to login to the desktop site for some reason.

I find I have MAJOR issues logging in on Apple
Devices. If I hop on DHs PC? No issues.

Super frustrating because we all use MACs except for my DH. He gets annoyed when I use his computer. Lol

You have been lucky LOL
I have a desktop & a laptop and have issues consistently

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I agree, I have been having a ton of issues and there have been a couple reservations where I couldn’t click on the time. Sometimes if I pressed and hold, I can do open in a new browser and it will work that way (though sometimes it takes me a couple times). Or I try viewing the page as a desktop version from my phone, though it’s hard to select the date that way because the interface isn’t optimized. My app is completely down today. Frustrating. FPP window is coming up soon and I hope things work ok then.

Terriable Terriable Terriable
They always apologize BUT who has the privet time to keep calling.
They know you will wait, call whatever
lets face it they know we have no other choice.

Ingesting! We all use macs too!

Yeah, Apple hardware and Disney websites are not best of friends.

Which is somewhat ironic, given that the now-deceased CEO of Apple was also the single largest Disney shareholder until his death.

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Yeah, I’m worried I won’t love stitch as much because he’s now associated with page errors!