So MANY peeps going week after Thanksgiving!

The more I read on this very helpful site the more I get worried/nervous. I keep seeing a lot of posts by people saying they are going to Disney the week after thanksgiving or first week December. I know Disney is ALWAYS crowded around the holidays, but now I wonder if I picked the wrong week. Maybe it’s just because all of us “liners” are smart enough to pick that week and no one else will be there :blush:. Help ease my panic!!

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That’s what helps me sleep at night! :sleeping:

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We went last year that same week and we had a great trip. The weather was perfect and the crowds were very manageable. We arrived early every morning (this is so important) and used our touring plans and rarely waited for more than 10 min for any ride. It really was a good week to go. The only time I was really overwhelmed by the crowds was the night of mvmcp. It was shoulder to shoulder that night Of course there are crowds always at WDW but think the crowd level was reported 5 and 6 while we were there and we got to do everything we wanted and ride our favorites a couple of times. Hope you have a great week and the weather is as perfect as it was for our trip!

You bring up a good point. One of the selling points of MVMCP is that there are a limited number of tickets sold. That is great if you go during a busy week - it is a reprieve. But what if you go during an already slower week (hopefully something similar to the week after Thanksgiving :wink:), is it more likely that those evenings are MORE crowded?!

I hope not because the MVMCP is what I’m looking forward to the most! I bought the tickets as a surprise for my husband and 2 kids. Terrible "shoulder to shoulder " crowds would not make for a fun evening

haha I am having the exact same worry. My first trip to WDW in 20+ years and I was scheduling deliberately for lower crowds, but had problems getting my ADRs and FPP+ even though both times I was logged on & ready to go early. At least I have a kid-free trip so worst case scenario I will just find a reasonably quiet hotel bar in which to unwind!


LOL! I feel somewhat reassured that more than one of the Disney books & blogging websites that I use to plan my trip all said that it is only a very small percentage of travelers who will use a lot of the guidelines & suggestions that the books & websites suggest. Yes, my group is going end of Nov/first week of Dec also, but at my daughter’s bus stop, one other family is going Thanksgiving week, and another family is going mid-December. So even though it looks like a popular week based on some of the commentary here that I see, my real-life experience is telling me that my week may not be any more crowded than any of the other ones near it.

We are doing MVMCP during our trip (first time for everyone) as well. I hope it’s not especially crowded, but even if it is, I’m going to try to focus on the positives. I have spent so much time planning this trip that I really hope I can just sit back & enjoy it once we are there. Like many of us on this site, I think, I am a Type A sort of planner & I don’t relax easily. But after all this work I sure want to!


Hey… relax! :smiley: You’re on! As long as you use and stick to your TouringPlan (that I assume you’ve already completed by now) you’ll be fine! I was last there over Memorial Day weekend - a very busy weekend, of course! And used touring plans (via the Lines app) and we never waited more than 15 minutes for any attraction. Yeah, it was crowded walking around, but the TPs are so great it doesn’t really matter! Make sure to download the Lines app. Use it so you can adjust your TP on the fly if/when needed. Make sure to bring a battery backup for your phone! If you don’t already have one, go to Amazon and look for “Anker portable charger”. Any of them will suit you fine.

And really, look at it this way… Wouldn’t you rather be in a crowded Disney World than in the real World? :wink:


My sister always says, “A crowded day at Disney is better than no day at Disney.” LOL!


I know how you feel. We decided to do the same week with kids after some research. I’m hoping all goes well and the weather is pleasant. That’s what I keep telling myself, better to wait in lines during cooler weather than Orlando heat.

I would love hear how y’all’s trip went last November. I feel the same way going this year the week after Thanksgiving, planned to go hoping for lighter crowds and now feeling like everyone is going that week, ha! How were the parks when you guys went?

all my worries were for nothing! happened to go back in June of this year and can now really appreciate how truly uncrowded and laid back the week after Thanksgiving was, in comparison! my No:)vember trip also had much more comfortable weather