So long, and thanks for all the fish!

So, I was meant to be stepping into the Magic Kingdom this morning. Obviously that isn’t happening, so instead I’m sat at home in the UK, looking at my touring plans like the sad sack I am.

Anyway, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get to Disney until at least 2022. I doubt travel restrictions are going to be lifted any time this year, and I’m not sure I want to do Disney in the middle of the 50th when they’re still getting back on their feet.

Hanging around here is ever so slightly painful, so I’m off until I’ve got a new trip to plan. But before I go, I just wanted to say thanks. I’m not counting this trip as a write off, because I had a blast planning it.

I’ve loved trying to create the perfect touring plan each day, trying to work out what the hell is going on with Rise of the Resistance, what time to go for Hagrids without it breaking down.

And a large part of that enjoyment is this forum. Certain other Disney World forums seem to have a complete downer on the place, but this place seems to revel in the quirks and weirdness that Disney throw at us, and treat it as a challenge. It just makes planning fun.

So thanks everyone, and see you all when I start planning for Easter 2022!


Bummer :frowning:

The fish???

Drop in from time to time! You do not need a paid subscription to continue here!


It’s a line from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

I recommend everyone give it a read over the next few months, guarunteed to get a laugh even if your quarantined!


I might, but it won’t be for a while. Its just a bit gutting at the moment.


Oh lol

I’m an essential worker. I won’t be home much more than usual. But I will take this under advisement should that change!

Stay well!

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Yeah, my partner is too. I’ve caught myself getting jealous that she gets to leave the house for a whole 8 hours, and then I give myself a slap, and settle down in my nice non infectious house!


It’s funny - those of us that have to leave are jealous of those who have to stay home, and those who have to stay home are jealous of those of us who have to leave.

I will say that at least I am pretty well insulated from exposure (ie not on the frontline), and at least I get to interact with people who don’t live in my house for a while each day.


Thanks for such a nice note. I’m sure a lot of us will come and go over the next little while. But just remember, this forum will never be dead. It might be pining for the fjords a bit, but never really dead. :parrot: :wink:


I’ll keep an extra towel handy. :wink:


You’re going to have to explain that one to @OBNurseNH as well.

It’s just about the most useful thing a hitchhiker can have. Quite practical, even on Earth.

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Part of how I justified going Disney crazy this year and buying annual passes for the family was because I turned 42…


I’ve always considered a towelling dressing gown to be the most important thing. Arthur was wearing a dressing gown, though not a towelling one. As I remember it.


I rebooked for October. Barring any (more) spectacularly unlikely events, I think that is a safe bet things will be back to normal by then

Just dropping in to say DON’T PANIC!

I’m loving all the Hitchhiker’s references on this thread.

Take care of yourself @Trousers_of_time. Hope it’s not long before you’re back planning your trip again. So sorry you had to cancel.


While I think the parks may be back open by then, personally I’ll be very pleasantly surprised if travel restrictions between countries have been eased by then. Think we’re in for at least a year of periodic lockdowns and upwards of 18 months before we see normality.

I am admittedly a pessimist though, makes it so nice to be proved wrong!

And I’m surprised to find so many hitchhikers fans here too. Stay froody everyone!


Uh no… I’ll pass on this explanation

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Sorry @Trousers_of_time, but a brief high-jacking of thread for the benefit of @OBNurseNH
No exposed male chests involved.


Bummer about the lost trip. Glad you enjoyed the planning. Sorry to see you leave; but understand that sticking around can be a downer under the circumstances. Hope you decide to wander in from time to time. Take good care.

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