So I moved our April Cruise Date to November

Back at the early stages of the pandemic here in the US, we moved our sail date. And of course later Disney cancelled and were generous with their crediting. Now I wonder if there will be any cruises this year or not. Anyone else in this boat (pun intended)?

I check Carnival and Royal Caribbean pretty much every day for an August cruise. I would hope they are cruising by November!! I can’t imagine those poor employees who are stuck on a ship right now. Not cruising, but not home with their families either… it’s a nightmare.

I believe @lady1955 can commiserate.

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We were booked on the Hawaii westbound cruise and when it was cancelled we took our CC and booked the EBPC for November. I really hope we can cruise by then. I know some of the cast members from the ships went home, but those under contract still are afloat, and probably wish they were going somewhere. This is such a crazy situation. Even if we need to get tested before the trip, I would do it.


Our new sail date is in May 2021 so I’m hoping cruises will be normal by then. If they’re not sailing by February we will cancel and not make our final payment.

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Yeah. I’m watching fall cruises, but the idea of wearing a mask has me slow to commit. The deals are awesome though.

Yep, in the same ‘boat’ here. Our Carnival cruise is booked for January with the final payment due in October. Wait and see approach for now.

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