So how good is BOG dinner really?

So, although it is a while until our trip (444 days, but who’s counting :wink:) I’m starting to think about our dining reservations and I would really appreciate your honest opinions on BOG dinner. Many thanks

Like most TS restaurants I am sure you will get lots of opinions! I enjoy the atmosphere. My son usually gets the pork and it is one of his favorite meals. I enjoyed the shrimp/scallop dish. I have ordered the steak three times, twice it was basically inedible ( I know but I love steak). At this point there are so many better restaurants on my list and a monorail that ca take me to one!

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We really enjoyed BOG in April of 2014, the food and service were fantastic. Fast forward a year, and not so impressed. Ordered same meal (lamb), it wasn’t as good. Service was just okay. I would still do it once if you never have, mainly because the Beast is a great meet and the ambience is way better than lunch. Actually we found almost all of our repeat meals to be not as good this year as last- Yak & Yeti, BOG, and Mama Melrose. The exception was Sci-Fi and Via Napoli.


We caught the tail end of Christmas decorations at BOG the first week of January. We were seated right next to the windows in the ballroom, and right next to one of the lit trees, so we had snow falling outside our window and a holiday tree right next to us. That really added to the atmosphere, IMO. It was so crazy cafeteria loud and crowded in that ballroom, though. It looks so lovely when empty, but it’s really quite loud and chaotic during meals. Guests are also encouraged to wander around when they’re done dining, so we had tons of pushy people come right up to our table to look out the window and to pose with a tree. It was very distracting.

Food was fine, nothing spectacular. We enjoyed having wine and beer with the meal. DS liked meeting Beast. We’re doing BOG breakfast, didn’t even try for dinner this time around. FWIW, there are tons of options for lunch for my late June trip, which is prime summer season, so I suspect that it might not be too hard to get one of those. The atmosphere at night is probably slightly more special, but it’s still more reminiscent of a cafeteria than fine dining, sadly.


We thought the food was pretty good in November. The service was decent considering how busy they are. Am I glad we went? Yes it is a unique experience for sure. Would I do it again? Probably not. The tables are absolutely crammed together, we could have shared off our neighbor’s plates had we been so inclined lol. It is very loud because there are so many people in the main room. We had to repeat our order at least once because the server couldn’t hear us over the din.

I will say if you go, know in advance that you can substitute the side dishes. The cauliflower puree that I received tastes about as good as it sounds. Which is to say… blech lol. The Beast M&G was really fun he’s really animated. We ate lunch there last week on our trip and we weren’t impressed at all. We waited forever just to order then even longer to get the food and it was pretty bland when we did get it.

Having been there done that as they say, for the price point I think there are lots of better alternatives.


It’s alright. I love lunch there, but dinner not so much. Last time, my husband and I both got the strip steak and it was fine. My son had the beast casserole and liked it. I actually much prefer the grey stuff cupcake at lunch to the grey stuff in chocolate shell at dinner. Meeting the Beast was definitely the highlight of the dinner. For our next trip, I didn’t even try to get a dinner ADR, but have more than one lunch ADR.

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Thank you for your replies. I think that we’ll give it a miss for dinner and maybe do lunch or breakfast (if it’s still available). We did lunch last there year and it we quite liked it. Something a bit different for a quick service credit anyway, which we’ll need with 14 days of dining plan.

He’s animated? Wow - I thought that he was just a CM in a costume! :wink:

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Asking as someone with an ADR for dinner at BOG in a few months and has never been. Once you’re there, is it worth asking for a table not in the main ballroom? Or is it equally loud in all the rooms? And I suppose, is it so crowded that there is no point to asking for a table in a specific room bc you get what you get? Thanks.

We ate in the West Wing the first time, and it was not loud. Dark and has some thunder, but not loud with people talking. Ate in the main ballroom this year, and while louder than the West Wing, I didn’t find it too loud. But, we had a table near the outside, not in front of the snowy windows, so were not in the center of things.

Having just done BOG dinner for the first time two weeks ago I have to say I found it enjoyable. By chance we were seated in the West Wing as well (I did not make a request) and other than the occasional thunder and announcement of the Beast’s arrival, I did not find it loud and was able to carry out conversations without issue.

How much time did you guys spend at the BOG dinner? I hear a lot of people say that 90 minutes wasn’t enough time for them, but that seems like an adequate amount to me.

No more than 90. Think it was closer to an hour.

I thought so. I heard to arrive 30 minutes prior to the reservation time, b/c its tough getting seated. Sounds like fun with the Beast being there though!

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My group really had a great experience at BOG during our visit last October. The food and the atmosphere were wonderful. I had the lamb and it was perfect. We also enjoyed a nice bottle of Beaujolais. Everyone enjoyed the meal. We also received very good service during our meal and got pictures with Beast afterwards.

Especially if you really like Beauty and the Beast you should do this at least once like others have said. I thought it was very charming and worth the effort to get the reservation. Also there are tons of really cool details inside the castle to check out. It was indeed loud in the ballroom but not that bad. Some other places we dined like Biergarten, Akerchus, and Tusker House were louder. It’s not a place to have a nice, quiet, romantic meal.

Definitely don’t go if you just like the French inspired menu and don’t care too much about the atmosphere or meeting Beast. There are other wonderful options for French cuisine in Epcot.

We just ate at BOG last night. My dinner, coq a vin, was delicious, although a bit rich, which I paid for afterwards. The kids all loved their baked macaroni and cheese (Beast Casserole), and my son loved his child’s steak. The deserts were a hit as well (the grey stuff really is delicious!). The only complaint was from my husband, who ordered the lamb at medium rare, and it was really, really rare. It also came with an unusual side, I can’t remember what it was - some kind of pureed root vegetable, but it wasn’t that tasty. We loved eating in the castle, and seeing the Beast was super cool. Definitely worth the experience once, but next time I think we would try it for breakfast to try and ride 7DMT before the crowds, if possible.

Just reviving this thread to see how BOG dinner has been lately. I managed to snag a 6:20 reservation on our party night, and I am now worried that it will take too long. Thoughts? How much time do I need to expect between waiting to get seated and waiting for the food? I plan to ask for the check after we order to get that out of the way.

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I’m following for info too. I have a 5:30 BOG dinner on our MNSSHP night that I am afraid will be keep us too late. we have no interest in lining up for characters but want to be out in the park at 7pm to start trick or treating and going on rides. I really think a 6:20 would be too late personally. Unless you have done a ton of parties all ready and don’t care about missing the first hour of the party.

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I know, it’s our first party! I am hoping to hear that it’s doable, but I expect not. I don’t want to miss party time, but it’s also the first and only time we have ever had a BOG dinner reservation! Otoh, we do have lunch there, so maybe we should skip it. Very very ambivalent.

Atmosphere is amazing. I think you should go at least once. Adults would love this food, more then children, in my opinion. (My kids were teenage years when we went, so ordered off the adult menu.) I think the food was foreign for them. Croquet monsieur, quiche? these didn’t appeal to them…They got a turkey sandwich I think.
The kids menu may have more common items.
It is amazing though, they magical find your table, there are 3 different theme rooms in the castle for you to eat in. It was really cool, and I will go back on my next trip with my 18 year old niece. (who will probably not want to eat anything on the menu, but she still wants to try it.)