So Far, So Good

We made it… broken ankle and all. DD5 had her Pre-K graduation ceremony yesterday. After that we hopped in the car and hit the road. After spending the night in Ocala, we arrived at DHS about 10.

Quick trip to guest services to add days to tickets, upgrade one to an AP, tag the stroller appropriately and we hit the park. Enjoyed TSMM, ST, Frozen, Indy, and the Muppets before heading to Poly to get ready for HDDR.

Oh and we had to meet the big guy too!

Everyone is zonked (except me, as I check plans for tomorrow- and check in here).

Thanks for all the help and encouragement! MK tomorrow… hopefully a 7 am EMH… wish us luck!


Yayyyyy. You guys made it, have a magical time, cannot wait to hear more

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So cute!! Have a great trip!

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Happiest post of the day! Those faces!! <3 Have all the fun!!!

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Great picture. Glad you made it safe and sound. Have a great trip.

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Your girls look so happy … your gonna have the best time … enjoy :blush:

Hope you have a great time. Cute picture.

So cute! Sounds like a fantastic start.

Wow! Great picture! Have an amazing trip!

Hooray! Have all the fun!

Great start keep us posted.

Such sweet faces! Glad to hear all is going well so far!


Sounds like you’re off to a great start…Have all the fun…:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:
Love the photo…and glad the ankle issue didn’t put a damper on the trip…

Love this pic!

:heart_eyes: Have a GREAT time

Sounds awesome! Enjoy your trip!

Great photo. Hope the trip is awesome!

So cute!!! Have fun and enjoy every moment. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

Waiting for the show to start!

Having a great time.

HEA dessert party and a successful, dare I say perfect MK day. So much done… Plus nap time during the only drizzle of the day.

Weather has been good . Warm, for sure, but no real rain.

Very successful days at HS , AK and 2 days at MK.