So - does the Mexico pavilion open early now?

Good morning! I am wondering - are the Mexico and Norway pavilions open at 9 now because of Frozen Ever After or do we just walk down the walkway? My touring plan has us doing the Mexico pavilion at 10 am and I don’t want to leave it there if all we will be doing is walk past. I want to allow some time for looking and shopping.

I have a certain way of touring Epcot that works well for us and now Frozen is just upending everything! I think I ought to wait until I see when we can get FPs before I plan where we will eat…and then I worry that 2 months out will be too late to get a meal where/when I want one…

MDE says La Cantina opens at 10am for lunch and 3 Caballeros opens at 11am BUT I read on a blog that breaky is available in the Mex pavillion and a podcast said 3 Cab opens around 9am. So, I’m a bit confused too.

Well, Frozen Ever After definitely opens at rope drop.

I know that Mexico changed to the 9:00 opening starting June 21, to go along with FEA. But I also think I read earlier in August that it went back to 11:00 as they changed hours of some things, such as dropping breakfasts at Sunshine Seasons.

Wait. They DROPPED breakfast at Sunshine Seasons???

That completely changes one of my morning plans…and my daughters will be so bummed.

I am really going to have to work on Epcot plans,

Don’t panic yet. I just looked now at the WDW site, and it shows breakfast still happening there, starting at 9. It was a change reported to start after July 31. Maybe they didn’t really stop? Or brought it back?

I’ll go sit quietly in the corner with a book now…

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According to this too they stopped breakfast. I believe that a few of those closed in response to lower crowds.

I wonder if they dropped breakfast since no one was in the Land with Soarin’ closed for refurb? With Soarin’ open again, you’d think the traffic would be back…

They did open it back up when Soarin opened but everyone is going to GG.

Are characters the draw at GG? Know if the food is any good?

Love the dinner at GG. Enjoyed the breakfast, and the food is fine. But it’s relatively normal breakfast fare at Disney. I would certainly do the breakfast at GG again, although I might choose the Dinner over the Breakfast next time…

If you’re into the characters & enjoy a big breakfast you’ll love GG. If not into characters or a big breakfast, it’s an expensive way to rope drop Soarin’ and you can likely find better value elsewhere…

Wow. Thank you for the detailed response. Very helpful and exactly the info we needed.

The GG breakfast is pretty generic, but it’s also quicker than most character meals. I think we were finished in about 45 minutes.

If not for the RD at Soarin benefit I’d say I would choose dinner every time!