So confused with Touring Plans

I made a TP for HS that I was pretty happy about, but before I screwed it up again I made a copy of it. So I could fiddle with the copy. By that I mean add in a FP for Toy a story Mania during the same time frame but to give me less wait ( I think it was 20-30 min) when I hit evaluate it changed #1 suggestion Star Tours from a 5 minute wait to 71 minutes bc it has me there at 7:55 (non EMH). Why would it do that?

Somehow I messed with it and fixed it. I tried not to but I can stop fiddling with my plan!!!

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It looks right now, so I’m thinking you figured it out last night? I hope so!

The TP software is good but not perfect. I’ve found it often needs a human to nudge it in the right direction.