So CAN you make FFP reservations on you phone?

I’ve heard many Liners say you cannot make FFP reservations on your phone at the parks. You have to use a kiosk. However, since I updated MDE, it is giving me the option of making FPP reservations. (I cant because I’m not at my 60 day mark yet) So does this mean I don’t have to use the kiosk? Or is it different for your 4th FPP. I know this was asked and answered in a topic over the summer, but I didn’t know if the update to MDE changed things.

You can make your original 3 on your phone (though it’s not recommended as it’s spotty at best) and there is buzz about being able to make your 4th and more fpp’s by phone but that is still a rumor at this point and has not yet been implemented. For the moment you still have to use a kiosk for 4th and beyond FPP’s.

I’ve made/changed FPPs a number of times on my phone with no problems. As far as I know, the 4rh still must be made at a kiosk (but I believe they can then be changed on your phone, but haven’t tried it).

They can be changed after they are made at the kiosk… I saw a post recently where some brilliant VP said he didn’t know that the 4th fp by phone wasn’t already a feature so i’m sure it will probably happen some time next year.

Thanks for the info! I guess it was wishful thinking. I didnt like being the fast pass runner under the old system. We went in June '13 and there was no running to kiosks on crowd 10 days :slight_smile: We are going again in June '15 and hoping for the change like you mentioned before we go!

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I made FPP on my laptop at 60 days marks. Then I used the app on my phone to modify and lost my FPP. OMG ! Luckily I was able to get them back immed but it did cause a heart attack.

Definitely can change 4th FPP on phones. We just grabbed the first thing that came up at the kiosk then played with what was available on our phones. Kiosk cm’s loved us, lol!