So... A Little Disaster Strikes

So, 11 days to go before our trip and, while at a neighbor’s house tonight, DD5 turns her ankle. Well, a trip to urgent care and doctor says broken ankle. Obviously we don’t know much about prognosis as all we got was a very nice hard splint job and a referral to a pediatric orthopedic physician.

But, nonetheless, many things going through our heads about trip: keep it, cancel it, what it might look like if DD5 is in a cast, etc. etc. etc. Again, we won’t make any decisions until we see the ortho and find out more details about the injury, treatment regime, etc.

Just needed a place to share… its kind of disappointing. But if anybody has experience in this area I am sure a Liner might and I would love to hear your thoughts about what traveling in WDW with this kind of injury might look like.

Thanks folks…

I’m so sorry.

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I am sorry! I am sure you will do whatever is right for your family.

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So sorry to hear this.
I’m guessing you were probably going to have a stroller for her already which will be necessary.
Sometimes fractured ankles need a boot rather than a cast. The boot would be much better for your trip. I’ve traveled multiple times with kids (older though) in walking boots and it was very manageable. So I’m hoping she can avoid a cast.



If she can’t avoid the cast, I’m thinking ancasr signed by Mickey and Disney Princesses might make for quite a memory.


I am sorry this happened but at least there is a silver lining. It did not happen during your trip.

As @DreamLaughImagine said you should have a stroller. If you do not have one i would rent one right away. I have heard a lot of mention for kingdom strollers.

Take your doctors advice.

and lastly. Hugs and pixie dust for all of your family.


So sorry to hear that! I would make sure to listen to the Dr’s advice and recommendations, especially if you are flying. My sister once flew with a broken foot and it was NOT pretty.

If you do end up going, your daughter might get tired much faster than she usually would. I would make sure to have more breaks.

I know everyone mentioned a stroller… If you can, I would make sure to get the sign that your stroller is considered a wheelchair, that way you can go in the waiting lines with the stroller. I would go for a wheelchair, personnaly. That makes it easier for buses and rides and you will not need to fold it.


Sorry to hear about DD ankle, hope she’s Ok.

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I don’t know if they’d be allowed to sign it though. Characters can’t sign anything being worn, because of the possibility of “accusations”. Sad that it’s necessary, but it means they might not be able to sign the cast either.

So sorry to hear about her foot. I hope it works out OK.

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I am so sorry to hear this! I do understand where you are though. in January, DS7 broke his leg. Went to urgent care. Got the temp cast and next day was at orthopedic for full leg cast. Obviously an ankle fracture is much different. But we had to cancel our april trip…we had no idea what the turn around time was and we couldn’t imagine going only possibly weeks after getting the cast off. I am SO glad we cancelled.
Ds was not himself for about a full week after the break…it was a shock to him (literally). He was in constant pain and it was not easy for us to get him around even with a wheelchair.
I so hope that the dr has good news for you. I 100% understand the fear and worry you are going through though. If you have any thoughts that you should postpone, I would do it. Personally we are SO glad we did!


I did not know that about things being worn. As for a cast, I’m seeing mixed answers online. Some places say yes, some say no, and some say it’s at the character’s discretion. Here’s just one of the sites I saw:

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Oh no! Poor thing. If she needs a cast, get waterproof if you can so she can still go in the pool.

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Is there such a thing? 4 kids and my first broken bone

Hugs from me!

If I’m reading you right, it sounds like you are concerned about what people will think about a child with a cast. Do not give it a thought. Accidents happen!

My concern would be pain management and maybe just knowing that you’ll have to adjust certain expectations. But, the trip will probably be a great distraction for her.

And, she gets all the Mickey Bars she wants. :hugs:

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Thank you!!

True enough.

Thank you!

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If they can’t sign a cast they can sign a sticker. Get some stickers from staples or office max. Have them sign the sticker then put the sticker on the cast.


If you are worried about what people might say, get a shirt that says "I DID NOT DO IT’ or “KEEP IT UP, AND I’LL BREAK THE OTHER ONE”


Really appreciate all the kind words here.

We will see the doctor this week (hopefully). Obviously, we want DD5 to be healthy and will make whatever decisions are necessary for her long term health. All that being said, if we can still take our vacation, I am sure there will be plenty of fun to have.

As many have said - - - the planning makes you more agile, flexible and ready to deal with whatever WDW throws at you. Or, in my case whatever DD5 throws at WDW.

Thanks for the kind words of support and encouragement. This group is the best!