Sneaky naps

DD and I have a very long MK day with 8AM EMH through MVMCP. We may go back to POP to rest mid afternoon. But, frankly, that has never been our style. The commute time seems like such a waste. If we decide not to go all the way back to POP we will definitely need a little break midday.

I know we can catch a few minutes in Country Bears or HOP, etc. But, I’m looking for a little more peace and quiet. A way to quiet the sensory overload. I remember hearing a tidbit on Back Side of Magic once about taking a break at GF in an upstairs lobby area?

So, it got me thinking:

Anyone have a favorite sneaky out of the way spot in a monorail resort (or even WL) where we could take a little break? We wouldn’t lay down and snore or anything weird like that. I’m thinking an out of the way love seat where we could revel in the quiet AC and if I nod off while she’s on Snapchat it’s not so obvious that I’m napping in the lobby.

What about BWI/BC/YC/Swalphin for breaks from HS or Epcot.

I’m thinking we could have a late lunch at a resort QS and then rest a bit before heading back into the chaos.

Upstairs above the lobby of AKL there are cosy nooks with sofas; there are also rocking chairs around the gallery which are less secluded.

In MK I would go over to TSI and find a seat at Aunt Polly’s. Or on the station platform in FL, if you can still go in now that the trains aren’t running.

At the BC you should head for the Solarium. If you go into the lobby coming in from Epcot, then go down the hall on the right. The Solarium is on the left hand side, just about opposite the entrance to the shop IIRC.

In Epcot, not air conditioned but the gardens in Canada are great for napping.


There are some beautiful places on the 4th and 5th floor above the lobby in WL.


Why not take a ride around the lake on one of the resort/MK boats? The gold launch is a 20 minute round trip (MK-GF-Poly) or the green launch is 25 minutes (MK-FW), perfect for a rejuvenating snooze! Walt Disney World Transportation Water Ferry Boats

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Wow. That is a beautiful spot!! Thanks.

That’s a lovely idea.

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During my first trip, there was a major storm as I was headed from Epcot to DHS. I took refuge in a friendship boat, that was docked and not allowed to sail until the storm passed. I actually got a decent nap lying flat on one of the benches.

Ooh. Great rain tip combined with great nap tip. Thanks!