Snacks Around The World

This rookie wants to make the best use of his DDP. I’ve heard that people stock up on rice crispy treats on the last day to nab their unused snack credits. I don’t want to do that. I think I’ll feel like I wasted money.

So I thought it would be cool to use up 10 snack credits on our EPCOT day by trying a snack in each country. I’m sure others have done this before me, so here are my questions:

  • Is this even possible? Are there ways to use snack credits in the pavilions or are popcorn, churros, ice cream bars and the like, the only qualifying options?
  • If it’s possible, what are the guaranteed crowd pleasers in each country? We’re a family of 4 (DD19 and DD14) and we’re pretty adventurous - but don’t always see eye to eye on what’s good.
  • I’m seeing some things that I’d consider a snack - like the pastries in France - but it looks like nearly everything is sweets. Are there some salties and savories worth mixing in with all these sweets?

BTW, 80 days. :smile:

this is a list of all the snack options at all the parks. scroll down to find epcot and they are sorted by countries. have fun!

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we are doing the same exact thing! We went through the menu here on touring plans at each pavillion counter service location and made a list ahead of time so we know exactly what we are getting at each country. I think that is smarter than wasting time deciding when we get there- we already know. The toughest choice is Canada where you will just have to grab something in the gift shop. A lot of it is sweets, but it helps there are 4 of you to taste a little and go to the next so it wont be too much food when sharing. Japan, China and Mexico have some good offerings which are not sweet to mix things up. And Germany has the pretzel ( get a beer to wash it down of course) You can make up your own personalized touring plan and put your choices in the comments section of each “meal bresk” so you know exactly what to order. Enjoy!

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@Stacy614, great idea of putting the order in the TP!

So I’m shifting my plans a bit, which may or may not be a helpful tip back to you. We also have an ADR in France that night, so snacking around the world will be more like stuffing 4 turkeys before their dead. Still, we need to use up our snack credits and WS seems to be the best place to do it. SOOOOO, we’re gonna snack around the world, just a little, grabbing 4 to share as we tour - but we won’t snack in France.

“What?! No French pastries? How could you?”

Here’s the pixie dust. At the end of the day, we’ll go back to France to pick up 4-6 of those amazing pastries for our breakfast the next morning! Breakfast in bed. Awesome sauce!

The truth is, I was struggling with making time & budget for breakfasts anyway. I have a RD loving family who also loves to sleep, so this will provide a smooth start for at least one of our mornings.

Thanks to @PianoMinnie & @Iheartepcot for the idea.