Snacking around the world

Is it possible to snack around the world in Epcot with a family of 4 using the DDP snack credits? I have look at all the snack items and it seems most of the snacks are sweets. Looking for ways to maximize our snack credits and would like to try this instead of a sit down lunch.

We did this at F&W last year and were so full, we couldn’t eat dinner at Via Napoli that night! Lol. It was too late to cancel our reservation so we went and had coffee and shared a dessert.
I’ve never been to F&G but my observation is that there are less food booths than at F&W so, something to keep in mind. We used snack credits entirely and shared a lot of the dishes, which stretched our credits even further. It was one of the best memories from our last trip. We still talk about “Noshing around the world”!


Thank you! We are going in fall so hopefully F&W will be going on!

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We are planning to do the same thing when we go in July, so I’ll be following to see what everyone recommends. As of right now we have school bread from Norway and a cronut from Canada on our list. We definitely want to find some more savory items to try to so we don’t go into sugar shock.

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Canada also has poutine, which isn’t sweet. Since it will be hot, Kakigori from Japan is one of favorites - especially melon flavored.

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When we went to F&W there were over 90 food items available (check the menus at Disney Food Blog) and most of them are savory.