Snack time at Epcot

A special thanks to @JordanRunner, who was kind enough during his Dopey adventure to take a photo of the allergen information at Kringla bakery in Epcot.

The bummer is that more than half of my family cannot safely eat there, so I’m going to remove that from my plans for Epcot. It was going to be the place to grab a snack on our Epcot day in the afternoon.

But, I was hoping someone might be able to suggest if there are places to grab snacks (even if it is only Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches) over in the same general vicinity. Basically, around snack time, we’ll be hovering around China, Norway, and Mexico. But I’m having trouble actually visualizing any snack carts, etc. I think because the last time we were in WS we made the mistake of going during F&W Festival.

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Since the Flower and Garden festival will be going on, there will be food booths set up for that. The menus haven’t been announced yet, but will be by opening day which is March 4th. There are some great snacks offered at them, not sure about the allergy part of it though. Otherwise, there is the cool shaped cotton candy in the back of the China pavilion (House of Good fortune), Joy of Tea in China which has egg rolls and curry chicken pockets, and the Refreshment Outpost between China and Germany has soft serve. They also make floats and slushies there, plus will have a special dessert for the F&G festival. There are churros at La Cantina in Mexico,
I don’t remember any Mickey bar ice cream places at all in World Showcase during our multiple visits. They are in Future World. Good luck finding something that works for all.

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Thanks! I think the soft-serve is a great idea if we don’t find something else that suits our fancy.

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Or, flip your rotation and be at France and Les Halles.

Unfortunately, that won’t work. My plan is a thing of beauty at the moment, and it took me days of work to get it to work! But I wanted to have a snack around the time we would be doing FEA.

I originally DID have a plan going in the opposite direction, but I just couldn’t make it work out. But I appreciate the thought.

I’ve been working on our next adventure, my DW said do what ever you want in which order but lunch/snack will be at Les Halles.

I don’t know what your allergy is and I’m assuming margaritas are not considered a snack, but guacamole is available in Mexico. And there’s mickey ice cream in the cantina de San Angel.


I am sure my 10 year old would love that. :wink:

Thanks for the heads up on San Angel though!

What? Margaritas are a snack to me.:crazy_face:

Margaritas are probably breakfast, lunch and dinner to a whole buncha folks. I won’t judge!

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Can I have nachos too?

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Nononono we Mexicans only eat tacos de espagueti while having margaritas.



Please note! The tacos de espagueti are on the secret menu. Go up to the counter and ask for it in a hushed voice while checking over your shoulder to see that the person behind you isn’t overhearing you.
Please video all of this process and send it to me.


Good to hear!!

You can’t fool me. That isn’t tacos de espagueti, but tacos de espagueti con albondigas. You trying to make a fool of us? :wink: