Smoking at WDW?!?

I just saw that the smoking policy changes back in May??? No more designated smoking areas inside the parks??

Anybody have feedback on this? My BF is a smoker and it would be crummy if he has to head outside the park to smoke then come find us . . . :frowning:

I will continue to encourage him to quit but AT WDW might not be the right time LOL.

Yep, no more smoking inside the parks. The smoking areas are now located near the park entrances. We haven’t been since May (in fact, we were there when the change was made) so they may have been moved since then, but at the time we walked past several of the smoking areas, so they shouldn’t be hard to find. Your BF might want to bring some nicotine patches if he thinks he’ll struggle.The good news for him is that the resorts still have smoking areas, as does the Boardwalk and Disney Springs. :joy:


Any chance he could deal with a nicotine patch for the day? Maybe it would take the edge off, plus the euphoria of being in WDW might be enough?

He’s got a nicotine spray (like Binacca - sp?) but it gives him the hiccups LOL.

He will just have to suffer. . . I’m a Disney girl and non smoker - so fingers crossed he can keep up :slight_smile:

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Maybe he can try the lozenges. My dad has been able to cut down from more than a pack a day to typically no cigarettes daily with the help of the lozenges. He is tempted when he’s around other smokers but that won’t be an issue inside the parks.

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He might also try the gum. People say it tastes gross, but it’s got to be better than the alternative.

We were there the first week of September. DW smokes and she did quite well without until we ate. Then it was off to entrance gates. MK is by far the most inconvenient as it was located by the bus stops. It was the longest walk and required leaving the park completely. You had to go through security and bag check again. EP was the same but not nearly the distance. AK and HS had locations that didn’t require you to fully exit. I expected this from DW so I included these “breaks” in the touring plan.

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I used both the gum and the lozenges when I was quitting smokeless tobacco. I did not find the taste to be bad at all - but they did tend to give me hiccups - especially the gum. Of course smokeless provided no problems in the parks because it had no external effects like smoke or vapor…

Thanks everyone! He’s there now . . . I will join him on Thursday. . . I’m just sitting at work jealous that he is already there! :frowning:

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