Smoking Areas for E-Cigs?

OK, I don't want to start a controversy here, and really hoping for non-judgmental responses but I know questions like this have started wars on other boards that-shall-not-be-named... so please be gentle!!
The DH and I are (mostly) reformed smokers - this is, in fact, our first trip sans-cigarettes. We are very excited to NOT be running back and forth between smoking areas (And I'm looking at you AK with your full-sun-in-August-with-no-benches areas!) BUT we do enjoy an occasional e-cigarette - the fake little electronic ones that light up and have nicotine-steam-vapor instead of real smoke.
Is there any sort of Disney official policy on the fake e-cigs? I know in NYC, they are confined to the same places as real cigarettes (so outdoors, no parks, etc) but I know that it's one of a few places that has those laws and I haven't seen anything from FL or WDW for an official policy.
We are planning to go to a smoking area if we want to use them and won't be wandering around chain-vaporizing all over the place; we were just curious on how this was handled in the parks by CM's or other guests.

I haven't seen an official policy yet, however, I have seen reports of vapors doing so in non smoking areas, but also some reports of CM's asking them to go to a smoking area. I don't mind have a specific area but I really with it was separate from normal smokers. I don't judge them because that used to be me but not smelling like cigarettes was one of my main motivations for quitting.


I have no idea what the official word is, but DH uses them. He tends to do it where ever he wants. The first year, when the e-cigs were new, he was approached by a couple of CM's that asked him not to do it in non-designated areas. In March, no one said anything to him. YMMV

A lot of it is simply a lack of education about what it is so I understand the reactions. I've had several people ask me and were genuinely interested, but I've also had a few that just give me evil looks or have no interest in learning about it.

@ThatDisneyGuy_outer1, do you use the ones that look like regular cigs or do you use the more decorative? DH uses the ones that look like regular cigs. He doesn't fill them, he buys the cartridges and just keeps the battery portion.

The policy is they have to be used in the "smoking areas" however I have seen many people using them walking in the parks. Personally I do not care since it does not have the smoke odor, but I am sure there are those that will complain.

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I don't use the great big ones but mine does have a refillable tank on it. I tried the little ones with the cartridges a few years ago and it was just too inconsistent for me. They didn't seem to last very long and back then they were hard to get so I didn't stick with it. The one I have now I just fill up once every morning and i'm good for the day. The battery lasts all day and it's a lot cheaper in terms of maintenance because those cartridges can get expensive.

@Camsdad, you are so right about those that will complain! Not just about this, but about anything and everything. smiley I'm just so happy he quit smoking real cigs!

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I smoke when I drink (which isn't very often). And it impairs my personal geographical location service so I've been yelled at quite a few times.


I e-mailed guest services about this a few months ago; got a firm reply that e-cigarettes are considered cigarettes under their policy & all aspects of their smoking policy apply to them.

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Thanks!!! That's what I figured - and what I had planned on complying with - but was just curious if there was an official (oor unofficial) stance

I got the same reply when I emailed and asked- their official policy is until further notice they are treated same as cigarettes. I know these are newer and not a lot known (esp among non smokers)- I would head to smoking area to avoid issues. smile

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Ahh.. thank goodness they still make E-Cig smokers go to Smoking Areas.

I am a vaper of 2 years. Because Disney wants smoking/vaping in the smoking areas in the parks that is where I go.

Hmm, I was in the MK yesterday and wondering about the policy because there were so many people walking around with those fake cigarette and very decorative smoking things. Walked through a cloud of smoke on the pathway to the right of the castle towards the funnel cake place, tons of vapor/smoke flying around during the shake it parade as we walked past it, and everywhere I went I saw smokers.

So now that I know its supposed to be in the smoking section I will find a CM.

yes, they should be in the selected smoking areas...

I'm a former smoker and never tried e-cigs because I'm a horrible nicotine addict and would never get off of them. But wondering, they don't smell right? So I'm guessing people will use them in their hotel room. I can't see how it would be detected

I think that pathway is a smoking area

Actually - If you are talking about the path by Sir Mickeys, then yes, that's a smoking area. Always wondered why they put one smack in the middle there, but that whole path is basically a smoking area.

Nope, not the side by Sir Mickey's, its the side by the cinderella fountain by the tinkerbelle store. From behind the castle it is on the right. Headed towards Liberty Square.