Smithsonian request for WDW and DLR photos

The Smithsonian’s American History museum is asking you to send in photos of you and your family in Walt Disney World or Disneyland, for a “future” (cough 2023 cough) exhibit:

Disney Parks and American Stories | National Museum of American History.


Neat!!! Here’s my DD winning the hula hoop competition


Submit it! That looks cool! Never knew they did that.


I plan to submit it and more. I wish I had my photos from 1971 WDW. Have NO idea where they are. I just have memorabilia


Are they going to get an avalanche of photos . . .

I don’t think 2023 is far enough out . . .


When I worked at a museum we typically planned exhibitions 2 yrs out, although it could be shorter. 2023 is not unreasonable depending on what part of 2023.

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Very cool sounding exhibit. Cheers to the curator on that one.


They’ve been working on it since 2020 at least. We interviewed Bethanee Bemis, one of the curators, on the Disney Dish in October, 2020.

I’m pretty sure the pandemic put a dent in the planning.


That timing makes sense. I know here in DC some huge art exhibitions got postponed or canceled. For art to travel (at least, very rare / expensive art) people often have to travel with it, and that wasn’t possible internationally on time for some big National Gallery show or shows.

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I love me some National Gallery. I learned a lot about western art in writing that review for the UG to DC. Great musuem. The sculpture garden is also fab.


I married an art lover two years ago so I’ve been exposed to more art now than in the recent past.

In my past-past my favorite class at NYU was Painting & Sculpture in NYC Field Trips so he’s a welcome addition.

We visited Rijksmuseum a couple of years ago in search of Vermeer. My husband’s late great great or great grandfather was the curator there from ‘59-75. Arthur van Schendel - General Manager. I can’t ever spell his name. Copy & paste for the win.

It’s funny- we visited Vermeer museum in Delft - Vermeer’s home or birthplace I think, but - alas not many Vermeer paintings in there. There were some cool exhibits regarding his studies and techniques though.

So we had to run back to Rijks to see more real Vermeer.

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That’s a great story! I love a Vermeer. The Met Museum is doing a thing right now on Dutch paintings, and it’s mesmerizing.


My favorite: church youth group, summer of 1989. I loved that trip.

I will have to see if my mom has any pictures from Ft. Wilderness and River Country circa 1980-82

@len if you do the DC UG guide again, there is a Chinese restaurant in Arlington, Peter Chang, you must go to. The owner and Chef used to be the head chef at the Hong Kong embassy and it is magical. They don’t have chili oil out on the table, but I am sure you could ask for it!

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The DC National Gallery of Art actually has several Vermeers.

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I need to plan a DC trip. I haven’t been since my early 20’s.

After the Amsterdam trip a couple of years ago I was able to help our fundraiser trivia team out though- “Dutch painter” question.

Just one more story.

Our Amsterdam trip was at the beginning of the Rijk’s big celebration of Rembrandt starting in 2019-
350 years after his death. Exhibition was called “All the Rembrandts”.

They had some of these Donald Duck as “Night Watch” mugs in the gift shop. I couldn’t resist getting one.