Smilies, Emoticons, Gifs

I’ve seen this question asked a few times so thought maybe we could have a post with some instructions to help people out as we migrate over here. This forum is equipped with lots of fun features like pictures right in our posts. I’ll put some basics and useful links here. Feel free to add your own favorites.

  • Smilies and Emoticons - These are done a little differently here. They require the colon (:slight_smile: sign plus a word followed by another colon (:), so : cry : without the spaces would look like :cry:. When you first type : it will actually give you a very short list to choose from and as you type letters it will filter that list. So if you want a tree, a drink, or even a camel they are all there so try it out. There are hundreds that we’ve found so far but who knows how many are actually built in. Here’s a good list of some and there could be even more.
  • Animated Gifs - There is really no limit to these and they are easy to use. Simply find the one you want copy the URL to it and paste it into your post and the forums with automagically insert it for you! Here’s a few I found out on the web. Feel free to add your own favorites!

Here are some fun Disney ones…

Just because it’s silly

This is how I feel when we start talking about food!!!

And for @LuvMuppets


Thanks for the lesson! :clap:

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Kermit flail! Awesome! :dancers: Thanks for the tips!

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Love Kermie … it still makes me laugh… :laughing:

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Found some sparkly ones:


Just because I had to try it out! Thanks for the lesson! :smiley_cat:

Oh my… I hope they took their dramamine lol.


Well, that didn’t work. Let me try again…

ei yi yi - third times the charm…

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Thanks outer. Do you know if these work on phone or just when on the computer?

That is just freakin weird.

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It should work on both.

LOVE the sparkles! That is a plus to this new format!

I hope I can get this to work *♢♢♢¿

If you were going for an asterisk, three diamonds and an upside down question mark, it worked perfectly! :wink:

Love them :sunglasses:

Ok, now that makes me dizzy. :dancer: :laughing:

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