Smells in AK?

I know Disney pumps in scents. Walking through AK between 9 and 10am, smelling lots of cooked foods. Are those real, or pumped in?
Whatever it is, it’s noticeable and working LOL

Probably real.

I still say the loveliest smell in all of Florida is the toilets at UOR. Can’t wait to go back.


That may be the oddest thing I have ever read. :joy: And yet, now I want to know what the toilets at UOR smell like…


I’m not even joking. They’re so nice. It’s like a gingerbread or something smell they pump in there.

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I did not notice any smell in the UOR toilets last week. What I did notice there, especially at Volcano Bay, is how much cleaner and better taken care of their bathrooms are than at WDW these days. There was an attendant in most of them and they were keeping the bathrooms in great shape. They clearly are spending a lot of money on custodial staff compared to Disney who seems to be cutting back. Kudos to Universal!

I’m going to be heartbroken if they’ve changed it. It was the best toilet experience of my life!



I totally thought you were being sarcastic until I read the rest of the comments. :slight_smile:

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