Small dvc contract

If I want to get my feet wet by purchasing a small DVC contract through resale (maybe 50-75 pts), would Disney allow that? I know I wouldn’t get membership benefits. I also know there is a minimum 100 pt purchase when buying direct. So is there a minimum to be active when purchasing resale? Thank you for helping me to understand!

I would look at renting points first from any of the DVC rental places. If you find you would stay at the DVC villas ( basically deluxe resorts) more often than good sales on moderates or economy then look at purchasing from Disney direct as your initial DVC ownership. you could then supplement that with resale later. That’s pretty much the path i took and don’t regret it. I used to get a cast member friends and family discount (typically 40% off but sometimes a bit more) and found i preferred the deluxe resort areas. after that it was just math on how often i would use it.

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I have used often, i actually rent out my points through them when i’ll be doing cash vacations.

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You can purchase a small resale contract. Since Disney changed how they handle direct Use Years, it is actually easier to add direct later if you want and line up your contracts.


Thank you so much for the info.