Small backpacks for Disney

When I was at WDW in September, we saw some folks with smaller backpacks that appeared to only have one pocket, which seemed to speed up their time at bag check. Anyone know where to find those? Been looking online but can’t seem to find something like that. I had a nice Jansport last time but we stopped taking it after the first day because the multiple pockets slowed us down considerably at bag check.

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I love my bag from passporter :slight_smile: It is see thru and I always get compliments on it from the security guards :). I think the drawstring bags would be good to have if not. My kids each had their own bag that they took and I bought them from thirty one gifts.

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We loved the ease of the cinch (drawstring) backpacks…we passed through security pretty fast!!

we use this one in the parks :

It’s small and lightweight, but still has somewhere to put water bottles. It has a big main compartment and a small front pocket and we were always through the bag check fairly quickly.

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Last summer was my first trip in the parks in 20 years. I did a lot of research ahead of time and knew I wanted something lightweight with just a couple of pockets. I also wanted the main pocket to be large enough to stuff my Canon Rebel in during rides so I wouldn’t be holding it and the bag. After all my research, I couldn’t decide what to order, and then I was in the Eddie Bauer outlet and found this on sale:

I think I got it for ten bucks. It was a great deal. The backpack was exactly what I wanted, and having a small front pocket helped me be able to keep our Magic Bands, tickets, Photopass cards, etc. separate from most of our stuff. I don’t remember taking much time at all in bag check, and that was in August.

We are talking about going on a day trip to a kids’ museum nearby and I just dug it out to use there. I always pack a lot of stuff, because I like to have quick snacks, drinks, and extra clothes in hand just in case.

We use a camel back, it was small with one pocket, plus our water was already in there so we didn’t have to carry bottles.