Slinky G+ and park hopping

I read that they changed MDE so that now when park hopping you have to wait until the time extends beyond 2p to book G+. For almost every other ride, this is a non-issue for me because when we were stacking, I often wouldn’t get to the second park until after 5 or 6p anyways, so same strategy, just watching the times creep (I understand it could be longer now since I’m not getting that immediate bump to 2p). However, my question is for something like Slinky that books in minutes, how does this work - if I click right at 7a, will I get an error if the time I “grabbed” is before 2p, then have to start over risking that I will be too late? Do I delay a minute or two but then risk that they are all gone? Also, is there still the issue where it would show one time slot, but by the time you click all the way through, the time is much later? Anyone have recent experience they can share?

Keep refreshing the Tip board in MDE until the time slot shows up for when you want.


If the times all run out in the morning, you could try for one of the drops later in the day. They don’t always happen though

The system won’t give you an error if you get a time before 2pm.

I guess if you ended up with one you’d have to cancel and rebook. Or modify if you can - not sure where things are at with that option.

I thought it wasn’t allowing people to book one that was before hop time. I thought that was the most recent update?

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It used to automatically book you for after 2pm.

I thought now you just had to wait. But the onus is still on you to not book it too early. Maybe I’m wrong though?

That was my impression as well…but I don’t have any first hand knowledge to know for sure.

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I used BG1 interface rather than MDE for booking our LL, but if I recall correctly, if I clicked on a time for a ride that was before 2 and we were hopping, it would just take me to a screen that said “no eligible party members.” Not an error, just no one to book. For SDD, you’ll still want to book fairly quickly. Give it a beat after 7 before you click on it, and it will delay you just enough to get an afternoon time.


Thanks all…I guess I will wait a second as suggested, then worst case hope for a drop if I don’t get it. I still have about 10 days before we leave so I am going to try to watch the tip board until we leave to get an idea of how things are going. I know a few weeks ago, I could see at 7:10 there were still slots left, but I doubt that will be the case now in October.

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Definitely don’t wait very long. I’d give it a few seconds and try. If it’s still too early, go back and refresh and try again. Thrill Data shows that lately, on average by 7:05 it’s giving return times after 6pm. And yes, monitoring as you approach your trip is great research!

Ya, just wait a minute and you’ll get one after 2 pm pretty quickly.

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Depending on crowds it could take several minutes. I had to wait over 5 minutes in August (low crowds) for the times to extend to 2:00 - constantly refreshing. It was much easier using BG1 since the time doesn’t change after you select it like it can in MDE.

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