Slinky Dog Dash Vs TSM

Okay cheating here :slight_smile: Those of you who do HS SDD between the time it opens and before July 24 (my FPP day) will you let me know if you think it worth getting FPP for it rather than TSM. And NO, not doing RD because I will be up until 1 am the night before for MNSSHP

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My initial inclination is to say just plan on getting a FP for SDD if you want to do it at least once. TSMM isn’t new and it is one of the more efficient people eaters in the park; therefore it is more likely to have amenable lines. SDD is new and initial thoughts don’t seem to think it will move people through incredibly efficiently - that combo is going to lead to long waits.

Now, it you’re thinking if the SDD reviews are “meh” then I won’t bother riding it at all, then you may be onto something, but I’m not sure I’d go and not ride the new thing at least once, but that’s just me…


We’ll be there on July 19th. Our plan is to RD EMH for TSM and AS2 (and SDD if it can be done), then we have a FP+ set up for ToT at 10:15a and RNRC at 11:25a followed by a SDD at 12:35p.

With the FP+ for SDD it isn’t as imperative to get to it during EMH, but we have the leeway to do so.

I’m traveling w/ my 12yo (non thrill ride kid) and 17yo (complete thrill ride kid) so I will get everyone’s opinion for you.


Actually that is what I meant - if SDD is MEH, I won’t bother and instead FP TSM. Right now my plan has me with FPP for SDD with a 40 minute wait for TSM - which isn’t awful, but if SDD is not worth it, then I’ll bag it and do something else. So thanks

I love roller coasters, but if it’s as mild as say 7DMT - then not sure I will want to do it. Thanks and have a great trip

I’m sure we’ll be inundated with opinions on SDD when it first opens so you should get a feel. Right now I’m expecting a 7DMT type feel as a SWAG. The difficult part will be correlating your expected viewpoint with the reviewers. We have FPP for SDD around a week prior to your FP window so I’ll try to relay our thoughts when the time comes…

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I’m looking at my TP for the day (EMH RD at 7a/Park Open at 8a).

With no data, the wait times for SDD and AS2 are skewed in the TP and show as 5min, which we know will not be accurate. So, I listed AS2, a 30min break, SDD, another 30min break, and then TSM.

Interestingly, the TP has us estimated at riding at 8:51am with a wait time of 12 minutes.

I actually think it might be milder than 7DMT, not being billed as a thrill ride at all. I think that the expectation is that TSL will be for younger kids - although it does have a height restriction on it - so not as tame as Barnstormer
I am planning on going on it anyway - just to try it out :slight_smile:

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I know I want to do SDD - but AS2 says type of ride is ‘spinning’ on the web-site, and I can’t do spinning :slight_smile:
So I will be eager to see the feedback on that one too!

All reports/pictures I’ve seen says it is similar to the Tow Mater ride out at DCA. While I can no way ride the Teacups or Primeval Hurl without becoming ill, the Tow Mater ride was a lot of fun, and not all that spinny. We rode it a few times last summer at DCA and I’m eager to try out AS2 next month.

Looking at them too long makes me a little queasy :dizzy_face: LOL
Maybe I will look for a ride video of tow mater on youtube.

I have super bad motion sickness, but Tow Mater is ok for me.

I’ll be at TSL two days after it opens.

I managed to find an FPP for SDD. Originally I said I wasn’t going to look for one, but the temptation was too great. I figured I was more likely to get on TSMM in the standby line that I would be for SDD.

So that’s my plan. Regular line for TSMM (which I’ve done before — and loved — but I have done it before) and FPP for SDD. Like others, AS2 makes me nervous and it doesn’t look that exciting to ride anyway.

My impression is that SDD won’t be exciting in terms of speed, but more in terms of experience: visually it looks very appealing to me.

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SDD will be a mild, family-oriented coaster. It will definitely be more “intense” than Barnstormer and probably on a par with 7DMT (higher hills, possibly faster, but fewer sharp turns). It will probably be slightly longer in length than 7DMT (certainly a longer track).

My guess is (and it’s only a guess), that unless you are at the front of the RD pack you will have anywhere from 1 to 3 hours for the SB line. If it’s “worth” that kind of wait is totally subjective. I might do it for a first ride, just to have ridden it and to be able to give a first-hand review of it.

TSM has been one of the most popular rides in WDW for years, and always has a long line. The addition of the other two rides may reduce the lines for TSM a bit, but the additional glut of people coming to the park may nullify this.


Okay so my OCD kicked in last night (like it does so often :/) and I changed my plans and will now rope drop HS on a day where I’m not out real late the night before so I can RD TSM and then FP SDD, but do still let me know your opinions for those going soon.

Spinning? It isn’t a spinning ride. It does have a helix or two, but that doesn’t make it a spinning ride.

Perhaps they were confusing it with ASS, which is a kind of spinning ride.

Based on what I can tell from the layout and what I know of similar coasters from the manufacturer, I expect it to be slightly more fun than 7DMT, but with a similar intensity. The launch element is unique, although I’m sure much milder than RnRC. There are basically no drops/hills at all. It is more about giving a terrain coaster feel.

Brian McNichols put out a video about this exact thing. His advice was to RD SDD, then use a FP for TSM. The thought was SDD and ASS both have height requirements, while TSM does not. Thats what I am doing the day it opens, so we will see!

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aha - I like that idea

Here is the video

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AS2 (aka ASS; there doesn’t seem to be a consensus yet which one we will use) is a “sort of” spinning ride, but certainly not the way that the teacups are. The disks on the ground are spinning, but you ride half way around one disk then halfway around the next, etc. Here’s a video of Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree from DCA; AS2 is the exact same ride, but themed differently