Slinky Dog Dash FP availability..I'm nervous!

Okay folks, who has experience booking their FPs at 60 days and getting Slinky Dog Dash?? My window doesn’t open til October 8th, and I’m planning HS for our 60+1 and 60+3 (I think, need to check my plan) days…reeeeeally hoping to get SDD for party of 4. Am I reaching for the stars? Lol. Any success, luck etc…Also, what is everyones thought on SDD wait at RD in early December?

At 60 days I could find neither FOP nor SDD. I had to settle for NRJ and TSMM.

But then at maybe 40 days suddenly both FOP and SDD became available and I snapped them up.

It’s about perseverance and luck.

SDD will become like 7DMT I think, in terms of availability and SB lines.

Curious…how many trains were they running on SDD when you were there? And how many seats in each train?

I just did it this morning, it’s not that bad (so long as Disney’s site doesn’t glitch out). You might not get the perfect time you’re after, but availability wasn’t an issue. This morning I even was able to second guess, cancel, reserve AS2, second guess again, cancel and re-reserve Slinky Dog.

I would suggest aiming for the farther days out and working backwards as your FPP exclusiveness has more …uh… exclusivity farther in the trip because less chance of overlaps from other guests (I think, I could be talking out my butt here).


You’re absolutely right.

While I was able to get SDD and FOP at various times during our trip within the first few days of our window opening up, WDW released a ton of FOP times late last week for July and August. We are arriving in just 12 days and last Thursday I was able to redo our plan for AK w/ a 9:15a FOP FP.

If you don’t get the times you are looking for right away, just keep checking.

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No I think you’re onto something here for sure!

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Wow nice!!

I just haaaate how dining has to (or can be, but you know what I mean), reserved at 180 days, before FP. It makes it hard to move things around IMO. I personally would rather do FP before dining! B/c if the FP I want isn’t available…I may prefer to change my park for that day, thus dining may not work.

I will keep checking if I don’t get what I want (I still have 90-something days lol).
I don’t even care as much about FoP, we did that last year and it was amazing but SDD is a priority for us!
Although…our first night on Dec 7th at AKL is going to be our only day we’re dedicating anytime to AK. We’re getting in at 11 am that day, have a later lunch at Sanaa, then spending remainder of day/night in AK. We’re doing it for my DD, 12 who really wants to go back to AK but we all agree that for us it’s just not a whole day park. SO, arrival day it is lol. Not too sure if we’ll be able to score a FoP FP on day 1 though. We’ll see…

We are doing AK the evening of our first full day (and a morning later in the week). On the morning our FPs opened, I was able to get an evening time for FOP on the first full day…so it is doable.

How are you able to check FPPs after you’re fully selected? The dummy-account method?

I think just going into your FP selections to modify and then either modifying or not, right?


At least three, and I think four.


Thanks. It definitely helps with ride throughput to have at least three trains. One running, one waiting, one loading. Even better is if they unload one while the other is loading. Long term, that will help keep lines shorter. (After the initial rush.)

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Choose the FP you would like to change and then pick Modify. This will then allow you to look at other options. If you don’t change anything, just choose Start Over and then close the screen using the X (on the computer). If you choose cancel you are cancelling your FP!

hah, I thoguht that immediately canceled things as soon as you start to modify. THanks!

I actually noticed the wait in double (not triple!) digits this morning! Hopefully a good sign of things to come after the initial rush. Reeeeally hoping in early December it will be more manageable b/c I don’t know if we’ll get a FP or not.

I got the figure of 20 seats from Wikipedia. (The three or four trains was my own recollection. They were lined up waiting.)

But there’s this:


So in theory…if there are 1300 people in line ahead of you, you should be on in an hour? Or am I totally missing something here lol…

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