Slinky Dog and other FP advice

Is it reasonable to think I could get these for a high crowd time (Thanksgiving week): SDFP for one person at 60 +1; SDMT for 2 people at 60 +2; FOP for 3 people at 60 +3. Thanks for any advice! I will have alternates in mind. The FP window is Thurs morning. you can check here the evening before your fp window opens to set realistic expectations on what you’ll find.

Anyway, i would say that Slinky at 60+1 is, unfortunately, highly unlikely. Even in less crowded times is usually not available before 60+3. As for 7DMT on 60+2 and FoP on 60+3 it’s much more likely you’ll find them (but FoP could be in late afternoon)


I just booked my fast passes for week before Thanksgiving. FOP was only available at 60+3 or 60+4, and they were evening times. SDD was no where to be found on our 5 day trip. SDMT we got pretty easily just before noon for our 60+4. It was available, but afternoons on the 60+2 days if I remember right.

I was able to get a SDD for 2 at 60+5 at 10:35am. I had tried for 60+1 but they were all gone. I’m going first week in Oct.

Ok… sorry… still trying to learn all this disney forum lingo… what does 60 +1, 60 +2, etc mean?
Can someone break it down for me?

You can start making your Fastpass reservations 60 days from your arrival day, for the length of your stay. Your arrival day is therefore day 60, the following day 60+1 etc. So, when someone talks about 60+3 they just mean the third day after checkin day. The expression is used for both Fastpasses and ADRs (with 180 instead of 60).

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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I had my FPP day this morning. SDD was not available at 60+2, but it was available at 60+6 at 10:15. I got FOP on 60+5 at 10:40. 7DMT was not available at 60, but was at 60+3 for 12:20. Those are pretty much the priority rides and the availability for 4.

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We are the week before Thanksgiving and I could not find 7DMT anywhere. We did get the SDD and FOP a few days deeper into the trip.

This is all so frustrating.

For the record I didn’t get FOP, SDD, or SDMT. I was looking for only one person for two of those and for a group of 2 for SDMT.

I’m sorry. It’s so aggravating. I loathe FPP.

Thanks. Honestly I’m surprisingly ok with my results. We didn’t get the hard to get rides but my kids didn’t want those, they wanted things like space mtn and expedition everest—classic stuff they were too small for the last time we went 4 yrs ago. I had no trouble getting any of the things they really wanted. I think we’re going to have a great time, and I’ve had success in the past looking for cancellations so who knows, my friend might still get at least one of the newer rides he wanted.


The tone of your posts the past few weeks seems like you are somewhat down about your trip. And I get it … the new system(s) with all this advanced planning stuff is frustrating, particularly to those of us who have been going to WDW for decades. But remember … you are still going to Disney World! :slight_smile:

I don’t like how FFP changed touring. We are commandos who would prefer not to have rides rationed. I’ve already lowered our expectations as low as I can. Once upon a time WDW was my first choice for a vacation. It has moved far down the list now.

My kids will take one look at SDD and want to live there. They will likely get one ride on our second day at DHS.

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I’m with you. I find WDW vacations to be less fun than they used to be. I don’t like all the advanced planning required these days. But, another factor is that the parks are much more crowded now (especially at the “down times”) than they used to be. So even if there were no rationing of rides, the headliners might still have very long stand by waits compared to the down times of 10 years ago.

You are perceptive, as I have been sort of down about planning the trip. It started out as a Disney trip with one Universal day and turned into starting at a Universal hotel and being there 2 days then transitioning to a Disney hotel, so our Disney part got compressed. This was all my decision and I think is the right decision since we really want to experience Universal and have never been there—but it made the WDW planning much harder than I anticipated b/c we had to fit a lot in with no real “down” days. The other two times I planned Disney for us we had 2 complete non park days and I think we really needed that time. So now I just had a lot of moving parts to work around for FP b/c we’re doing things like leaving a park early to do the Snow White dining at Wilderness etc. Add to that a party of 6 with some very different priorities and I had FP all over the place—4 people here while 2 are over there, etc. But now that I’ve finished the FP I am really happy with what we have planned. I have never done WDW without FP and ADRs so I don’t know what it was like before that (except my family’s one trip in about 1986 when Figment ruled Epcot…and I don’t remember much more than that…walls of Figment merch everywhere!). :slight_smile:

We only got 1 FPP for SDD as well. We didn’t get any for our first day in HS and 1 for our 2nd. I fear one of my daughters will love it ( I am certain the other will not want to ride it at all, but would be very shocked if she did like it) and she will want to ride it another time or 2. That could use up the whole day just about since crowds will be high.

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If there’s not too many of you it’s entirely possible to score same day Fastpasses for Slinky. We’ve done it several times (twice in the same day on one occasion) for a party of 3. :slight_smile:

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We are a party of 7, but as long as we could get three FPP is send my two Little’s in with one of the bigger members of the party.