Slight Panic - Pop Century

I just did a “mock” reservation for Pop Century for the dates we are traveling and it says there is nothing available. Does this mean the hotel is sold out? We chose this time because it is “off season” and now I am having a panic attack. We are scheduled to travel 1/31/17 - 2/4/17.

Yes it appears to be sold out for those dates. There have been discounts out for that week for quite awhile. Maybe try a new resort? I see availability at other resorts including All star Movies and Music. Or POFQ, POR, and CBR in the moderate category. No need to panic, it is a slower time.

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Also keep checking. Sometimes availability will change as people cancel or modify their plans.

You might want to try and alter your dates, as someetimes it just means that there is a date that you have, like the first or last day and it is sold out

Do you already have reservations and you are panicking because the resort will be busy?

Try some of the nights. Maybe some are available and do a split stay if you are staying at POP for the value.

Yes! Sorry should have been more specific

In spite of being “off season”, WDW designs discounts to maintain maximum occupancy of on-site hotels. So even though Pop may be full, this isn’t representative of all properties in the Orlando area. Worry not.

You can also try orbitz and other sites. They may still have room.

I’m suspicious, as I also did mock bookings for April, October and November, and it showed nothing available at any resorts.
(Was just coming onto the forums to ask if anyone else is having issues on the site.)

I heard no more Orbitz or other sites are booking rooms now.

I wouldn’t worry. I have stayed at many wdw resorts that have been sold out. I think POR may have been the biggest. You will be fine! I think Disney would hope to always sell out. Are they also do some kind of refurbishment ?

I think there was a glitch in the system earlier today, because I’ve checked the same dates I did earlier and there are now multiple resorts to choose from. Yay!

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