Sleepy Hollow Question

Do they have the fruit/waffles all day or just until 11am?

The TP menu shows the Corn Dog and Chicken Waffle sandwich are only available after 11am but I wasn’t sure if it switched to them or just added them.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I believe the menu switch is at 11 am BUT @amvanhoose managed to get both somehow…


I did too. I just asked. The woman behind me was so happy when she heard them say yes to me because she wanted one too.


I remembered that someone got it just by asking. Which is great for DD for Monday. We will probably arrive in MK on the bubble between breakfast and lunch now that we are flying in the night before. And I know she’d love that

Any trouble getting it though now that it’s mobile order?

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They had both walk up and MO windows/availability



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The MO only has with fruit until 11 and with chicken after 11 when we were there. Hopefully you’ll get some pixie dust. Maybe it’s “while supplies last” after 11?

ETA: We got both by going twice. With MO, it takes little time to swing by.


I got the new “delish loves Disney” cookbook and saw

ETA: Gah hit submit too early. Anyway, it has this and reminded me of this conversation


I haven’t been since COVID, but have gotten the full menu at SH regardless of time. They haven’t even blinked or said anything about it. GL!!


At Contempo Cafe I got around the breakfast / lunch menu change by placing one order immediately before the cutoff and one immediately after, and arriving like 5 minutes before the cutoff. It worked ok (would work better at Sleepy Hollow since they are better staffed.