Slap Magic Bands coming in November

Well, aren’t these adorable?


So glad I haven’t bought new MBs for our April trip yet! I think the kids will love them (assuming they have decent designs).


Interesting! My first thought was that I still want mine to fasten, but the new ones are cute.

This part intrigues me:

These new bracelets have upgraded RFID Mickey pucks similar to the ones we currently have in the MagicBand 2.0

This suggests that they might not be compatible with the current pucks in terms of swapping the puck from one band to another.

I think they’re hideous personally.


You know, I was just thinking we needed a way to make it easier for my kids to lose their Magic Bands, and BOOM! there it is!


I think this is actually a great idea. We just came back last week and my kids magicbands were forever falling off their wrists without them realizing it. If you’ve ever played with a slap bracelet even a minute you’ll know they don’t loosen and just fall off. Well played Disney!


I think a slap band will stay on far better than the current design.

Yes, but my kids will drop them in the water or something else when they’re playing with them. Constantly.


Until it’s taken off. Over and over and played with constantly. The metal inside them breaks after they play with them a few thousand times too. Then they don’t stay on at all.



Hmm. This sounds to me like a parenting issue.



Fun fact: They’re called slap bracelets because once your kids have them for 5 minutes you feel the need to slap them!

Note from @heidelj : I do not condone slapping my (or anyone else’s) children, even if they’re being little jerks and have it coming.



I wonder how comfortable these will be.

I remember them being quite comfortable as a kid, but that was a long time ago. They fit like a glove though because of the way they work :slight_smile:

I bet they would fit my 3yo better than a regular magic band. She is tiny & the top part is so inflexible that it flattens out weirdly.

My kids are going to be on this like white on rice on paper plate in a snow storm.

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But they will mess with them constantly… Which in turn will lead to one of my kids losing theirs… Which will lead to dad losing his cool… Oh wait, forgot you have to keep the magic bubble…

Honestly, not the worst idea in the world, my kids would love them… But I would be worries about them losing them or just plain driving me crazy messing with them…


Classic, gonna have to remeber that one.

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