Skyliner times

Someone posted here that the Skyliner opened around 9:00 to make it to the 10:00 opening for HS.

But I was wondering about when the Skyliner closes for the night? Let’s say, for example, that one decided to walk over from HS to the Boardwalk for dinner after the park closes. Epcot closes at 10:00 pm…so how late would the Skyliner be running after Epcot closes to ensure someone who was at Boardwalk could get back to Pop, etc?

This is really targeting anyone who has been there since the re-opening, since what they were doing pre-COVID may not apply.

I can’t help with the times but I have heard reports that the walking path isn’t open from DHS to the Epcot resorts and they are actively turning people back to use the Skyliner. Not sure if that is still the case.

Interesting. What if you have a reservation at Trattoria or something? Maybe they let you through then?

Actually, must be, because obviously they have to let folks through who would be coming to the Epcot resorts. I know not much is open on the Boardwalk yet, but a few things are.

Maybe it doesn’t really matter. Playing around with times, it looks like the latest time Trattoria is allowing reservations is 8:55 pm. And the Pizza Window is only open until 10:00. So in either case, there would be plenty of time to catch the Skyliner back from Epcot I’d think.

Ah, right I just did some more checking.

The path from IG to DHS is open, via the Boardwalk.

It was people from the BCV who tried walking and must have tried walking via Swan - which is blocked by the fence for NBA.

Sorry for the confusion!

This week it was running until 10:30 pm (at least that was the posted at the station)

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