Skyliner Station

Will be staying at CBR 9/4 - 9/8. Will use skyliner to get to Epcot. Would it be better to get on at the hub or the Riviera station? Trying to see where to put in a room request.

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Either will be fine - I would put both on your room request to maximize your chances of getting a room close to one of the stations. There are more people at the CBR station in general, but at Riviera you are boarding in the middle of a trip so not all the gondolas are open (i.e., most people get on at CBR and stay through Riviera on their way to Epcot), which could cause you to wait longer compared to the number of people in line. So in the end it probably balances out.


We stayed at the Riviera in May. Before Epcot park opening, we did have a bit of a wait because a lot of the gondolas were full. Not sure about the hub.