Skyliner Report

Mom Dad and DD2 checked in this evening at CBR and were too jazzed up to hit the hay early like we should have, so we took a ride in the skyliner. Smooth and relaxing! Don’t know if it’s bc of the rain or that it’s a Sunday but it was deserted. Took a round trip to Epcot and back and could see the fireworks from at least 2 parks. DD2 's first trip here and she is bouncing off the walls. CBR is super nice and we are looking forward to a great week. Omg I’m gonna get 6hrs of sleep. (Or less) MK in the am.


Glad you were able to have a nice ride on skyline. Have a great trip, enjoy MK tomorrow

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Loved the Skyliner

Anyone know how the lines at the IG have been?

I left from IG last Friday around 5pm. The wait was less than 5 minutes

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Oh, I’m sorry @galuchies_463555, my question wasn’t very clear . What I meant was, the lines getting into EPCOT at the IG. We usually stay at YC or BWI.

Gotcha, we used it to get there as well. All I can say is remember how quiet IG used to be, its not anymore. They have added more security stations but there was still a line at around 11am.
Not as bad as the main entrance but still took about 10 minutes to get thru. I have seen it at park opening yet so I cant help you there.

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Oh boy, that’s a big increase in wait. Well, good to know. Thanks!

I usually stay at BW as well. Last weekend was a quick weekend with family that was staying at Pop so we decided to join them there. I am going to miss how quiet it was but I knew this was going to happen

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Do you think it is worth it to walk from BWI, to IG, catch the Skyliner and ride it over to DHS? Some days, my laziness knows no bounds.

Lol, don’t know if that would be the best option. Remember you have to go to CBR, get off and switch to the other line.

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I was there from October 21 to November 1, staying at Pop. We rode the skyliner whenever we could. The only time it was not a walk on for us was after Epcot Forever, and then it was maybe a 7 minute wait. It loads fast and you constantly are moving - far superior to a bus, where you might wait for 30 minutes for a bus. And once you’re on, you get to sit down. Another plus!