Skyliner Reliability

Hi. If anyone is staying at the Skyliner resorts over November-March, would be great if you could comment on Skyliner reliability! (when you rode, whether it stopped, how often, how long).

I’m trying to decide whether I am going to keep a CBR reservation or change resorts - only reason picked CBR is for the convenience of the Skyliner. Would love some “data” to help me make my decision.


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We were there last week. We loved the Skyliner. We stayed at POP and rode it whenever we could. We took the bus to HS on Monday because we had an 8:00 breakfast and that is when it starts. But we took it to Epcot and HS on Friday and it was awesome. Even when the line is long it moves really fast. It was running the whole time. Did I say we loved it? Yep.

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WDW Prep School podcast recently said they stayed at CBR. Skyliner sign said it opens at 7:30 am. When they got there the next day, they were told it doesn’t open to 8am, so the “rope dropped” the Skyliner, lol!

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When we got there on Sunday it said 7:30, it HS has EMH on Sunday, so I guess it was for that.

November 1st we rode from HS to CBR and had planned to go to Epcot but the Epcot line was done (don’t know for how long).

Also rode from CBR to HS on 11/12 with no stops and no issues.

I was there last week. The hours were different every day, which was annoying. It didn’t really affect my plans too much but I wish that it was either consistent or that they published the times on the app or something.
That being said, I loved the Skyliner!! SO convenient, lines move super quickly, relaxing trip. Even for rope drop (first thing in the morning) I never waited longer than 10 minutes to board, if even that. The lines move very quickly. I am trying to remember exactly how many times I rode it during my trip probably about 10-12 (some days I rode it several times). The only time I experienced a stop was once for maybe 90 seconds, seriously that’s it. I was staying at Pop. I was skeptical but I had a great experience and I hope they expand it.

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Thank you everyone!! Please keep sharing your “data”… (I do hope they change the start times - would be great to hop on the Skyliner rather than waiting an unknown amt of time for a bus…)

We rode it yesterday from pop to hs but did not pay attention to times. I think it started at 8am from sign. It was pretty wi dy but still running.

Used it over the weekend. Experienced no stops over the course of 5 individual trips. Stayed at Pop so it was very convenient and so much better than taking a bus. As said before the only issue is that it does not open to 8am. so if you are trying to RD SWGE it wont get you there very early.

We stayed at Pop Nov 6-10 and loved using Skyliner.

We used it on our arrival evening to IG and had dinner on the boardwalk. Quick trip (about 15 minutes) with no problems. Coming back we hopped on as the crowds were leaving after Epcot Forever. Line looked long but we were on within 5 minutes.

Next morning we rode it to RD HS for 9AM opening. Walked out of our room at 7:37 and off Skyliner at HS at 7:47. We were through security and standing at taps by 8:02 per my phone pics. Front of the pack to RD TSL. It was great! Less than 10 minute trip back after lunch for a swim and nap then back again around 5:30 for the evening. Back to Pop after park close there was a little line but we were again on board within 5 minutes.

No significant stoppage over 6 trips.

I have heard complaints about it not opening early enough for RD and couldn’t figure out why we had such luck. Looking back at park hours that day I realized Epcot had 8AM EMH so Skyliner was running earlier. So, you can use it for effective RD if the OTHER park has AM EMH. Otherwise, you definitely won’t be at the front of the RD pack. Might still work for TSL once RoTR opens because I imagine an even larger portion of the pack will go left to GE.


MTrib - thanks! This is extremely helpful to know! My fingers are crossed that they start opening it earlier, but I’m happy to hear that the system is generally reliable… (at this point I will keep the CBR reservation and just continue to monitor reliability and opening time…)

Thanks again!

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Has anyone had experience with strollers in the skyliner? Do you have to fold them up to board or can you take them on as is like the monorail?

The limit unfolded is 38" x 40" and you can walk right on the gondola without folding them. Larger strollers must be folded. (31" x 52" is the limit for the parks.)

Thanks so much, we just have the standard single stroller so it should be fine with what you have listed!

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Double wide strollers had to be folded. Single strollers just walked straight on.

That is a good little tip, thanks.

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I joked about them being “death cages” for MONTHS…but the reality is, it’s a wonderful way to travel!

If I didn’t keep a car on the east coast, I would totally stay at a skyliner resort. It gets to my two favorite parks and no motion sickness inducing bus!

Just always prepare by going to the bathroom and having plenty of snacks, water, and battery charging!!

I just got back from a Nov 22-29 trip, staying at CBR. When we rode on 11/24, it opened at 7 am, closed at 10 pm. When we rode on 11/26, it ran 6:30 am to 10 pm. Both times there was a sandwich board posted near the Skyliner entrance listing operating hours for the week.

We rode it to and from EPCOT four round trips, HS RT x 2, and to AOA RT x 2. It stopped maybe 3-4 times in all those trips and never for more than a minute, presumably to let on a scooter or similar.

It was a quick and easy way to get around. I think six min to CBR and 15ish? CBR to EP. There was a huge line at EP following EPCOT Forever, but it went relatively quickly since it loads continuously.

I hope this helps - have a great trip!

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