Skyliner Questions - HS to Epcot

How long would it take to get from HS back to the IG stop on the skyliner?

It takes a while, but faster than a Waiting/loading/traveling by bus barring stoppages. Think it’s 20 minutes total? I forgot to time it when I did it a few days ago.

Thank you. We are hoping to try it for the experience rather than for efficiency, but I’m only willing to allot so much time for that. :smile:

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We went HS to EP and I think it took about 20 minutes. Going the other way, the skyliner was temporarily stopped, and the line at IG was really growing, so we hopped on a boat. I think both modes of transportation take about the same time.

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Thank you!

Stayed at Pop century about a week ago. It’s about 5 minutes from HS to Carribbean Beach station riding either way with no line. Ride from Carribbean to Epcot is probably just over 10 minutes. Transfer at CB station is very quick.

Honestly the line moves super fast even with small lines when loading. Only time we had any kind of line was after Fantasmic and at 8am at Pop Century when skyliner just opened.


The boat takes half an hour (maybe up to 35 minutes), end to end. I was hoping the skyliner was faster! Boo.

Although I actually kind of like just riding around on the boat & monorail, I’m sure I’ll enjoy taking in the view on the Skyliner.

Skyliner from Epcot to Hs takes 20 minutes with zero line. I timed it yesterday.


Yeah the boat is kinda pokey — it makes a loooot of stops. The skyliner is probably a hair shorter, unless there are long lines.

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t’s just nice to have options. Besides my feet, of course!

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Yes! Especially when your feet start protesting and all you want to do is sit down…

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We loved it and plan on taking our grandkids on it in April. We talked to one cast member while we were there 2 weeks ago and she said one grandmother and grandson spent 4 hours one day just riding back and forth on the Skyliner :joy:. Said it was the grandson’s favorite ride in WDW!