Skyliner @ Pop

I think I read that you have to get off and switch Gondolas when coming from POP or AoA to the parks. Is that inconvenient when rope dropping? Does it get backed up? My kids enjoyed POP a few years ago (pre skyliner) and its a little over $100 cheaper per night then Carribbean for my dates. Wondering if its worth it to spend the extra money though? We have done CSR the last few times but my kids want to do something with alternative transportation. We don’t have monorail money :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It was fine earlier this month. We traveled to EPCOT to rope drop for ETPE and we might have waited 10 minutes to get on at Pop/AoA and the transfer stop was a walk on.

Leaving EPCOT after the fireworks (late - over an hour afterwards) we waited a while on line to get on at the IG, but again the transfer itself was a walk on…

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I have never waited at the CBR transfer, even when lines were long at other stations, but I’ve never been at rope drop. I think it’s doable though!

This information is somewhat dated, because it was when they were only loading a single party at a time, but when we tried to RD HS from Pop, it was extremely backed up. Entire process took us from the time we got in line at Pop until we stepped off at HS about 53 minutes.

Other times of the day, aside from usual closures due to weather, etc., the waits were minimal.

I think the 53 minutes would be quite a bit less now that they are back to filling gondolas.

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Typically, its just a walk off the one line and right on to the other. Super easy to transfer.

Yes, there are plenty of CMs to direct you in the transfer process, but I remember being in very long lines and waits to get to EC. Granted we were loading one group per bucket, but they also held us and didn’t start loading until a specific time. A CM told me that they didn’t want to back up the IG line.