Skyliner or uber

Well I’m heading home in 15 days and they just updated park opening at HS to 8 am. I’m curious if anyone knows the time the Skyliner starts running from AOA/POP? Ideally I’d like to be at the park by 7:15. Contemplating an uber vs skyliner. TIA

We were there the first week of January with 7:00 HS openings and we had to take the bus each day to HS. Sometimes the skyliner is running that early but not with people on it. I would plan on a bus or Uber. Bus got us there in plenty of time each day

they just changed the bus times to one an hour at AOA because of the skyliner. I’m going to have to asses and seriously consider uber then.

They were running multiple buses to HS early in the morning when we were there

Skyliner opening times seem to change a whole lot. If you want a guaranteed very early arrival you might want an uber etc.

Remember skyliner does not run in bad weather.

I’m pretty sure that bus schedule is only when the Skyliner is running, they’re more frequent when it isn’t.

Most of us already spend plenty to get to WDW. I personally take every opportunity I can to de-stress. Given that, Uber is $10 well-spent.