Skyliner Opening


No exact date yet, but now “officially” listed as a “Fall” opening.

This is pretty much in keeping with what has been said all along; it will roughly coincide with the opening SWGE, possibly preceding it by a month or two.





BOOOO, I was hoping it would have been open for my August Trip


I wouldn’t give up hope of it opening early.

It has to be open before SW:GE. That was the remit. They’ll also want it open in time for the Riviera Resort opening, also slated for Fall.

The system itself will likely be ready April / May. But training and testing means it might not be ready for passengers for around 6 weeks or more afterwards. It all depends I guess on how much testing Disney decide to do.


One thing I’ve learned about Disney openings is that frequently when they “can” open something and when they “want” to open it is not always the same thing…