Skyliner Lines to DHS from Caribbean Beach

Is rope drop still possible using the Skyliner from CBR? I am wondering how far back I will be at rope drop behind the walkers from Swallfin? I keep going back and forth on using an Uber to get to the Speedway or Swan or taking my chances with the skyliner. Those first 30-40min are important to maximize attractions. Also does the Skyliner still start 1hr before park opening? Thanks.

It is definitely possible. I only have experience from POP, but we lined up at 6:50 in order to bypass the cbr line at transfer, pop SL started at 7:40 and we were one of the first there, after walkers but before buses.

Oh and just wanted to add we arrived at HS in plenty of time before the park opened.

reports of rideshare shortages and surge pricing alone would keep me from doing this. Skyliner riders have had good luck with arriving at HS at the head of the pack.

Thanks for the info. Would you say you have to line up 1hr before the SL starts at your respective resort?