Skyliner in June - too hot?

I will be at Pop at the beginning of June. The Skyliner sounds like a convenient way to get to the parks. However, I am a little concerned about the temperature. Will it be too hot? I read there isn’t any air conditioning. I’m not a stranger to heat, I’m from Texas, but I don’t want to be trapped in a small space in the heat. What are your thoughts?

On my other trips I’ve always had a car. However, since they are charging to park at the resorts, I opted to just rely on their transportation this go around. I’m a little nervous. I liked being able to hop in a car and control the time that I arrived at the park. I appreciate your help and insight.

The Skyliner gondolas have several windows/vents that open, and the glass is reflective, tinted, or such to block sunlight. You get a nice breeze while moving. We rode them a lot, midday, on 85F days in December. They’re fast. We haven’t been on them in 100F weather yet, but we imagine they’d be like being under a shade tree in similar temps, where you do get a breeze but are out of the hot sun - and it’s only for a short while. They load quickly, better than just standing still waiting for a bus.

We rode them in 90 degree weather. There is enough air movement through the vents that it was fine as long as it was moving. When we stopped it definitely warmed up. Luckily none of the stops were for too long.