Skyliner Hours frustration

I am so annoyed by the current Skyliner hours. A big reason we booked at Pop next month was to take advantage of riding the Skyliner. We are a party of 7 with 3 kids in car seats, so Lyft is not a great option & even Minnie vans are not possible without 2 ($$$$). I even scheduled an AM Bon Voyage breakfast planning to take the Skyliner to Boardwalk. It’s so frustrating to have the Skyliner operating but not with hours conducive to rope drop or PPO ADRs. I would have booked a cheaper hotel if I had known this in advance.

Anyone else annoyed by the lack of AM hours?


I’m sorry. That’s lame.

Wait, you can’t use Skyliner for RD? How much before park opening does it start running? Where did you find the hours listed? We booked at Pop for this very reason. Our trip, unfortunately, isn’t for a looong time so things may change (hopefully) but this is interesting.

8am opening most days. 7:30am if there are 8am EMH at Epcot or HS.

I have a 7:30am Bon Voyage breakfast reservation we can’t get to now :confused:

Ugh. That’s so frustrating!!! I’ve had similar feelings regarding monorail hours when trying to get to an 8:00 am ADR. 30 minutes before is not adequate enough time to get there without stressing about being late. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with transportation stress! And I feel ya on the loads of car seats limiting ride share options.

That’s not too bad but yeah, definitely won’t work for a PPO breakfast and not conducive to front of the pack RD. Times guide says busses start even later. What are you going to do?

Yes, we’re at AOA in a few days and I had intended to use it to get to HS early but it looks like not. Why would they have this and not use it for when people want?

Same here. I was there last week and had thought I could use the skyliner to RD HS. If it helps at least they do run busses early before it opens. I think I caught a bus at 7:20 for HS on Monday.

Here is my question: Was this a problem before the Skyliner opened? I mean, was it that previously, Disney had provided transportation at the hours people are mentioning here (rope-dropping HS or getting an early ADR), but now they aren’t? Or is it that they are sticking to the same transportation hours for these resorts as before, but people were expecting things to have changed?

Buses did and do run earlier. You can make an early rd to DHS utilizing the buses, no problem. But I think people were excited to be able to hop on the skyliner first thing as well.
And in the case of the op, an earlier skyliner departure would have been perfect for accessing the Boardwalk at that time of day. No other free way to get there from Pop, unless you go to DHS and take the boat or walk.

Did you see the youtube video Brian did recently using the Skyliner to RD Epcot? I don’t remember the exact time he got on, but it was definitely before 8am. And he was really early for RD.

I’m assuming a 9am opening that day? Unfortunately the OP has a 7:30am reservation, so the Skyliner is not an option unless operating hours change before then.

Resort to resort transportation has been an ongoing issue. I booked Pop in part because of easy access to IG. But that access is not working out as described.

I am primarily concerned about getting to a 7:30am Bon Voyage ADR at Boardwalk from Pop. I was thrilled about the Skyliner offering access to IG to get there. Except they won’t be starting it until 30 minutes after my ADR. And of course it’s a super easy ADR to get & reschedule :unamused:

I skipped skyliner this morning for HS RD because we were ready to go at 7:40. Had originally planned to RD skyliner at 8 to get to HS. It was running when we left by bus and people were getting off at HS when we got there so it opened early.

Wont help with 7:30 reservation but I could see using it for Rope drop in future. We will use it tomorrow to RD epcot. Will let you know how it goes. This was all from pop.

Also took it after fantasmic tonight. Fantasmic was out just before 9:30. Wife and I booked it out and joined decent line at 9:36 at skyliner station. Had to queue in line at Carribbean Beach as well as big crowd going to Pop and AoA from Epcot. Still was in our room in building 6 of 70s by 10:04 so definitely saved us time

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Took skyliner this morning from pop heading to epcot. Walked up at 8am and there was a line at least 100 people deep at station, maybe 150. It went quickly. Most people transferred to HS as there was slight line for that. No line for epcot. We got to IG station by 8:25 and maybe 100 people waiting at turnstiles. They scanned us in within 10 minutes and now standing with 50 people in front of us max in front of Canada stage. Rope dropping without having to leave at 7:30


Yes. I think you could take it for a 9am opening no problem. If you need to be there earlier than that probably not.

Is there a station where you don’t have to transfer to keep riding? Or are all stations the terminus for a given line? (I know there is a turn station near Boardwalk but other than that.)

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The only station where you don’t have to transfer is Riviera.

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