Skyliner from aoa to hs

We are going in March to Hs and trying to get bg for rotr. How early before park opening is the skyliner running? We will be coming from aoa so trying to figure out what time to leave room to get to hs about an hour before opening. Thoughts?

When I was there Jan 7-12 the skyliner was opening at park opening, if I’m remembering correctly. I used Lyft to get to HS early. I think it was only like $4 or $5.

I just saw in chat that at pop the buses were running but not the skyliner. Can anyone else confirm?

I’m willing to use Uber or Lyft if needed.

I took the skyliner from AOA to HS. It was amazingly easy, but we weren’t trying at park open. General consensus seems to be (among bloggers etc.) that to actually get an advantage at rope drop the skyliner doesn’t run early enough so your own ride (such as a rideshare) is the way to go. But I haven’t done that myself.

We were there last week at CBR and HS was opening at 7 am but the Skyliner was not opening until 7:30. The buses however were running from about 6am, so we used the bus to get to HS, were through the tapstiles by 7, able to get a boarding group at 7 and rode RotR in the afternoon then leisurely took the Skyliner back to the hotel. I should also mention that you will see the Skyliner moving earlier than the posted opening but do not get your hopes up and think that it is open—we were told that the lines are up and running for testing everyday about an hour before it opens for transportation. Also, when you are within about a week of your actual trip, you can look at the general times guide (not the park specific ones) online and see what the posted Skyliner hours are—just google Disney times guide.