Skyliner closing for refurb for a week in late January 2022

Disney Skyliner at Walt Disney World will be closing for a brief refurbishment in early 2022

The gondola transportation system will be closed January 23 through January 28 2022. Bus service and Friendship boat service will be available at the resorts served by Disney Skyliner.


Thanks for posting this. Staying at POP was my plan C and it was on the list JUST for the skyliner. We will be there then.
Maybe it will work out and that time will have slightly lower crowds due to people going before or after to enjoy the skyliner.

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I’m glad they at least will announce this well in advance! They know it is a big factor in many people’s decisions.


I hope those dates stay out and don’t get pushed up! Could potentially vacation the week before.

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I’m leaving two days before this happens, I guess I picked a good week :rofl:


The entire duration of my trip it will be closed. Sigh.

Thanks for posting this.
We have the CBR booked for the last week of January, mostly for the skyliner. Now need to re-think the strategy. My second pick would be CSR, and I noticed the rates are almost the same as CBR. I guess the skyliner absence is already reflected in price.