Skipping stretch room at HM?

I’ve read in the past that you can request to skip the stretch room. I think this is a must for my kids. Any recent experience on doing this and it works?

Honestly I’ve never tried. To skip the ghost host, blasphemy i say. I always recite to myself along with him

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Just tell the cast member at the ride entrance - just before you head to stretching room - that you want to skip it. They will take you around


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From what I’ve heard it’s the scariest part. I think the kids can handle the ride just not complete darkness and a scream.

That is true, it can be intimidating for kids. As @OBNurseNH said just ask, you can skip it.

@galuchies please tell me you don’t recite it outloud? It was my first trip to WDW in 24 years and a family next to me said the whole patter. They weren’t super loud, but it wasn’t very fun as an experience for someone who hadn’t done it in awhile.
They also recited throughout the ride in the doom buggie.


No, no never out loud, always under my breath. I would never want to spoil it for someone else, and don’t like it when I hear someone else do it. I must confess however that I do sing along during the Frozen sing along.


Interesting… In DL the stretching room is actually an elevator that takes you to s lower level (so you can pass under the RR tracks to the show building. It never occurred to me that it wasn’t an elevator in MK. But I guess there’s no need for that in the MK…

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True! It was cool to get to take the elevator back up when my sister had an EVC.

We have an almost 3 and 10 month old that have ridden HM many times by skipping the stretching room. Our 10 month danced throughout it last week.