Skipping pre-show wait time on FOP during DAH (Disney After Hours)

The pre show blah blah at FOP can be as long as 20 mins. If I do the DAH ticketed event I want to ride FOP as many times as possible. Will they let me skip the pre-show blah blah and just go directly to the ride if I ask? I have done the pre show thing a million times, it’s torture to sit through it again! Especially during an expensive ticketed event like DAH!


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ok, darn! thank you :slight_smile:

I literally just came back here to withdraw that answer! The preshow is part of the queuing system and the answer that came straight to my head was no. But now I’m second guessing whether they use it during DAH because there isn’t much of a queue.

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I think I heard Shannon Albert report on this on her podcast, that because the preshow is so long it limits how many times you can ride FOP, which is a big reason why she didn’t think DAH at AK was worth it to her.


My experience was that every preshow (including Dinosaur) has to be completed.

Ill do the preshow during DAH for FOP, but I am going to ask the CMs if I can skip it on my next rounds. I’m going to explain that I do plan to ride it as many times as possible prior to midnight (which is the end time for DAH at AK on the day I’m going) and ask them to remember me the next time I come through the line so they know I already did the pre-show once and my overall objective is to ride FOP as many times as possible without repeating the pre-show. I hope this is a reasonable request considering I am paying $130 for the 3 hour event. Hoping for the best, I’ll come back and report on the outcome after I give it a try :slight_smile:

I would think either everyone has to do the preshow or nobody, they have to load everyone the same time

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Everybody there will have paid for DAH though?

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Did you see my response in the other thread? Even with an issue they made us do the preshow again- so twice for one ride.

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I totally agree with you about that thing! It’s so long!! The first time we rode it I was sure something was wrong. Lol.

I’m not positive but I do think they can shorten the preshow when necessary. It would make total sense to do this during DAH. Last trip we got into the FP line at 7:56, park close at 8 and DAH started at 8:30. The preshow felt very fast…we weren’t even decontaminated!

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I think the pre-show time depends on when your room of 16 is finished being loaded. If you’re one of the first rooms, then you’ll have to sit through the “uhh, huh, what’s wrong, put on the standby system” which I think is personally one of the weirdest things Disney has done from a wait perspective. If your room is one of the last to be finished loading and everything is going smoothly in the other pre-show and show rooms, then your first pre-show will be quick.

Not sure about DAH - but since it’s part of the queuing process I would guess you can’t skip it since that’s how they count out seats. Room 1 has 16 people, room 2 also 16 people, show also 16 people all in the same order. They even don’t fill seats that aren’t working. So I don’t know how someone skipping the first 2 rooms would work. If you figure out how to make it happen, let me know please.

This is how I was thinking it works. Kind of like the pre-show video before Soarin’, this is just their way of filling the time while the group ahead of you loads, rides, and exits, while queuing everyone to be ready to load as quickly as possible. Now, with DAH, maybe it is possible at times that there would be nobody in line so they would start the ride with not all seats filled (probably unlikely), but otherwise, I don’t think there is any real downtime on the ride itself, I would guess that the time from when the last rider exits the room until the first new rider enters is mere seconds.

We did DAH at AK in December and a few people on FOP asked if they could ride again right after getting off - the CMs let them stay on but I’m assuming it depends on how many open seats there are and how many people are asking. This was also only the second DAH at AK so policies might have changed since then.

The first couple of DAHs people were also allowed to skip the Dinosaur preshow? In February, even though there was not one person waiting for Dinosaur and they were sending empty cars, when someone tried to walk through the preshow they walked them back in.