Skipping MMRR?

We plan to skip MMRR for our October trip unless FP is available then. I know my kids (4 and 2) would love it, but we avoid any lines longer than 30 minutes at this point.

So, no, I don’t think you are crazy!

Is this going to be a coaster? I saw a spoiler somewhere that looked like a lameish golf cart train getting pulled around. I’m not sure why people think this will be a not to miss elite ride.

Wait … can you confirm that you actually have a FP for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway? Just want to make sure I’m reading that correctly cause I haven’t seen anyone else report getting one yet.

Naw, they mean on the touring plan. Not on mde.

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Ah gotcha. When they said “redid my TP,” I thought in my head that they just meant they redid their actual itinerary rather than their online personalized TP.

me too at first!

It’s not a coaster. I’m thinking the same thing. It’s in 2.5d so it won’t be lame and I think it will draw attention at the beginning like any new attraction but I can’t imagine it will be crazy for a while. I definitely don’t think it will be at the level of SWGE.

But a few days ago, They didn’t have it as an option, so I feel like it’s a good sign :blush:

So few rides are genuinely breathtaking. For me, FOP is an example of one that is.

We seem to allow ourselves to be whipped up into a frenzy of FOMO at Disney and I’m really trying to push back against it.

I’m doing two trips this year — June and October — and I have made no allowance for MMRR at all. How good could it possibly be? Besides, the primary objective of this trip is the enjoyment of my friend, who has never been before. Every ride is new to him, so he won’t even know he’s missing out on MMRR. And I can live with missing out.

October’s another story. I’m seeing my two trips this year as Part 1 and Part 2, rather than the same trip twice. By then we’ll have a really good idea what the deal is with MMRR.

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This is true. And I’m caught up. I recognize the phenomenon and yet am swept away anyway. My boys are little (7&5) and while on the one hand I feel like they won’t know what they’re missing if we skip something, I don’t want to have them see something they’d like to try and have to say no we can’t. I’m not a “yes” mom in general, but I want this trip to be magical and as stress free as possible.
Next trip, someday when they’re older and we know better what they like and they are more in control of the whiny outbursts of disappointment, I’ll likely be less concerned with the idea of having to miss something.
But if I’m honest, some of the FOMO is my own…just about me. I want to see everything! I don’t know when we’ll go again, so I want to really immerse in the experience! So while I’ll skip MMRR if it’s a ridiculous wait, I’m truly hoping we do get to do it!


I agree–TSM was not a big draw when I was there and it was Thanksgiving week.

I’m ready to not only skip any/all of the new rides but also the whole park.
And my all time favorite ride is at this park.

Our September 2019 trip was a roller coaster to plan with HS opening SWL just days before we were to arrive. Not only did we go from nice quiet laid back September to 4am lines for month long early early extra magic hours but we essentially lost fast passes as we knew them.

I did come up with a plan and we did do a couple of our fav rides.

Our June 2020 trip has HS impacted again. As mentioned on another thread, with CLs of 3, wait times for 3 of the tier 2 rides are at nearly 45 minutes each the last 3 hours of the day. If this is real - and I can see the reasoning - I don’t need anything in this park.

It’s always been the one I feel the Mouse paws in my pocket the most anyway.

If the new attractions are drawing the crowds to HS I’m quite happy to visit the other parks more days than usual. I ain’t been on FOP or 7DMT yet anyway.

This is what is truly going on :slight_smile: I get it … I was the same way the first time we took the kids to WDW 2 years ago. My wife repeatedly telling me that we were in Disney World and should focus on the amazing things we were doing (rather than what we missed) eventually sank in.


Just wait until they find something they want to ride over and over again … and you have to say “no” because it will mess with your TP :slight_smile:

Also, there are only a few things where the answer is “no, we can’t”. Same day FP drops, persistence with modifying (during down times so you don’t miss being in the magical moments with your family), and a little luck can often get you more than you expect. As an example, last fall DD4 really wanted to ride PPF a second time. I told her that it was other kids’ turns and we couldn’t “sign-up” for that ride again. During lunch at Cosmic Ray’s, however, I found a PPF FP for around 2:00 pm.

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Ok, I know I am really out of it, but I keep seeing this acronym in the forum. I get the general meaning, but what does the acronym actually stand for?

Fear Of Missing Out

Thank you!

We’re in the same exact boat – two boys aged 7 & 5. We’re driving in and have the first half-day starting around 1:00pm planned for as much non-Star Wars stuff as we can do (have another full day for that). Seeing that it’s our first day (60+0) and there’s a whole new set of tiers, I’m not planning on getting any decent FPPs and we’ll just have to see what they’ll be down to wait for. But I sincerely doubt we’re going to be able to make it two hours in line, even for a ride that looks right up their alley.

I’m laughing because you are so right @davej . I’m certain that they will want to do something again or something I AM planning on skipping…and I’m just as certain they’re gonna bail on some things I have planned (like FOP or Everest or like ALL of the coasters! Lol!) I’ll roll with those things as they arise and focus on having fun. But as a Type A person with so much time to plan, I’m just being ridiculously thorough and covering any and all bases I can. I’m a Disney dream customer, because if they have a way to make things “easier” with an up charge, I’m the sucker who keeps throwing my money at them!! :joy: (EMM, dessert parties, CL FPs, etc etc)

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This reminds me of when we did RS for 7DMT. First, DD4 went on with DW. When they got off, I was excited to hop on 7DMT with DD4 … but DD4 did not like 7DMT and decided she did not want to ride 7DMT (or any other rollercoasters) the rest of the trip. … sigh. I’ve been on 7DMT twice on prior trips so it wasn’t a big deal, but I was disappointed. Later in the trip DW took the kids for an afternoon break at the resort so I could have a couple hours alone to enjoy SW:GE … that more than made up for it!

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